Ideas Are Around You Everywhere

Do you ever find ideas for decorating your home in unexpected places?  I never know where my next idea will come from.  Sometimes it is a piece of fabric, a picture, a color, a piece of furniture.  I was recently inspired by a hotel that we stayed in.  I have often been inspired by commercial places but this one really did help me see some touches that I could add to my own home that would really make it stand out.  It could take hundreds of $ to make my own home like this or I can take a closer look and see the little things I can change to give my room this feel.  Things that wouldn't break the bank.

Isn't this a beautiful room?  I was thrilled with it.  I wouldn't let my dear hubby touch a thing until I had taken photos.  Poor guy...all he wanted to do was rest after such a long trip.  He was so sweet about  it though.    I have leather furniture that is very similar in color to the coverlet on the end of the bed.  Decorating with leather has been a challenge because it can come off as cold and sterile.  It needs texture, and pops of color added to warm it up and make it more inviting.  I also love the sparkle of the mercury glass lamps.  I have a small collection of mercury glass that I  enjoy in my own home.

I have been trying to decide what kind of counters I would like in my master bath and these are the most beautiful counters I have ever seen.  I was smitten the moment I laid eyes on them.  I even questioned the maid on how the upkeep on them has been.  If anyone knows, she would.

I like the color, the shiny surface, the sink, the faucet, and even the dark wood with it.  Hmmmm wondering if I should make the wood in my bathroom dark too.  I will have to take that into consideration.  It would show dirt much less than the white cabinets I currently have.  I could paint them to look exactly like this too.

Sometimes we need to look at what we have hanging on our walls.  It is funny how I will look at a wall display and suddenly decide it is outdated and needs to be changed.  I have a couple walls right now that need to be changed.  The current look is less clutter, larger pieces,  and the addition of metal pieces such as this mirror.

This room is very colorful yet if you will notice there is lots of neutral color too.  The furniture, the carpet, the wallpaper, and many other pieces are neutral.  Most decorators keep the large pieces neutral.  The color comes with the drapes, the curtains, the pillows, the artwork.  Those are easier to change when the time comes to update again.

I found inspiration out in the lobby too.  This little grouping made me want to sit and stay a while.  Maybe even enjoy a cappuccino here.

Look at the beautiful trim on this sweet little chair.  I loved it.  Sometimes it is the little details that turn a piece from ho humm to wow! I think I need some little chairs to help make some more seating in my living room.  I would love some like this.

Aren't these light fixtures beautiful?  They are much more modern than I would put in my home but I would take the idea of glass and add some pretty glass pieces in my room with this color.  What a great way to add sparkle and color to your room. 

In this picture there are a couple of things that we can take ideas from.  I know not everyone does the beach theme but look at it differently.  The frames are filled with examples of knots but you could frame small things from a collection.  For instance, I have a collection of makeup compacts.  How sweet they would look framed and put in a group on a wall.  It would turn small pieces that I still adore be changed from clutter to art.  Voila!  And notice the lamp.  It is a piece of coral.  

You can make a lamp out of just about anything.  A bottle, a bucket, an instrument, a candlestick, a rock.  The possibilities are endless.  Look around your home is there something you love that would make a great lamp?  And notice the shade on this lamp.  Sometimes the lamps you have can be given new life by the simple change of new shades.  It is funny how that simple change will make them seem fresh again.  I hope this post helped you to see things in commercial areas a bit different.  When you notice yourself really loving a space then take a closer look.  Are there things you can translate to your own home.  
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Chandra Merod said...

Oh wow! This looks like a fun place to stay! I agree it's good to get inspiration from places you go out to. Have fun decorating! I loved decorating my shop. :)


Vickie said...

A beautiful room...love the colors and the bathroom counter. Definitely inspiring!