Girlfriend Time

Wow! What a weekend I had.  I just returned home from Amarillo where I got to spend some serious girlfriend time decorating her new home and doing some serious retail therapy.  We had a great time!  Her living room and dining rooms look great and I am exhausted.  She now has rooms that would rival the best French apartments done on a budget.  We found a couch, love seat, and club chair in a beautiful taupe damask.  A glass top dining table with curvy metal frame and touches of wicker along with chairs to match for her dining room.  Their lines were reminiscent of a Paris Cafe set. We darkened a large dresser that she already had to use for her living room.  We also added a leopard rug to warm up her beautiful wood floors.  On the walls we added artwork of Paris Streets framed in black and lots of finials and some beautiful blue and white ceramic pieces from her collection.  It took several tries getting all her pieces moved to the perfect spots and unpacking several more boxes looking for some of her beautiful items to add into the mix but we were both pleased with the results. 

 That is pretty typical of time spent with this particular girlfriend.  We always have such fun together.  She is one of those friends that I can loan out my furniture, clothes, books and other things to and trust they will come home unharmed.  We even trade out things with the understanding that if either wants or needs it back then no problems.  I can always count on her to be there if I need help on anything and she always helps me find a different perspective when I am upset about something.  We take turns buying each other meals without keeping track of who payed last.  We can spend hours on the phone together while watching the same show or reading the same magazine.  We have laughed together, cried together, and even been mad together.  Do you have a friend like that?  A friend who you can always count on. A friend who will see behind that smile and line we all use, "I'm OK" (especially when it isn't really true). We all need those kinds of friends. I have been so blessed to have those kind through out my life.  Some of them have come and gone for one reason or another but there are those that have stuck fast and continued to be part of my life no matter how many miles are between us.  I am so thankful for those kind of girlfriends.  Women who are willing to laugh, cry, decorate, shop, advise, support, pull you out of the dumps (and anything else needed) through weddings, births, deaths, divorces, sickness, child raising, parties, and all our other life events.  Yes, I will admit that sometimes it is hard work to keep up a relationship like that with someone who isn't family but it has been so worth it because those women have become like sisters to me.  I hope you have at least one someone like that in your life.  If you don't then just pray and ask, because God is so good at sending friends just when we need one and I would bet He would send you one or even two.
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Wendy said...

Hello, fellow flyer! You are indeed lucky to have such an amazing friend. I appreciate your reminder to ask for what you want - that's something I've been trying to do more of. Thanks for the nudge!

LOVE your blog and beautiful photos. Will definitely be visiting again soon. Hugs!