I have been thinking about the many ways I have been blessed by others over my lifetime in ways that were unexpected.  Times like when I found a $100 dollar bill in my fresh eggs that a friend had dropped off.  It was several days later before I used any eggs and what a surprise.  There have been many occasions when I found unexpected money in the mailbox.  I don't know why it was unexpected because I had previously prayed and asked God to help us.  I don't know what I thought He would do exactly but it always came in unexpected but delightful ways.  Most of the time we had not asked anyone else for help or even told anyone how we were doing financially.  There have been many times when our meals were paid for and when one of our family was in the hospital, we received tons of meals.  There were times when we dreaded a big bill and when it came it was not big at all.  Recently, my feelings had been hurt unintentionally by my dear hubby and as I tried to hide my tears a stranger came up to me and offered me a stick (we were at the beach)  It was beautiful...it had seashells attached all over the end in what looked like a flower.  I took a picture of it and told him to give it to his wife and tell her it was a bouquet for her because she would love it. My dear hubby who was very sorry for hurting my feelings saw this and found me another one much larger...Oh how I love that man! 

Beautiful bouquet from a stranger

I could go on and on listing out ways that we have been blessed over the years and how very much we appreciated it.  But none of those occasions are nearly as fun as the times we were on the giving end.  Oh how fun it is go give to others!  It is so exciting and such a blessing.  My husband and I love to buy meals for people.  We love to drop off money in their mailbox anonymously.  We enjoy buying other people gifts that we know they will absolutely appreciate.  We love giving.  One time I gave bottles of cold water out my car window to highway workers on a sweltering summer day.  I like to give unexpected big tips to those who wait on me especially when they are having a terrible day. How fun would it be to get a $10 tip with a single coke order?  One time a waitress had accidentally dumped a tray of drinks right in my lap and we gave her a huge tip.  Sometimes when I am in line at Starbucks or a fast food place I will pay for whatever the car behind me ordered.  I have been blessed to be behind others in stores at times who didn't have enough to pay for whatever they had in their cart and guess what happened next?  Once I felt the Lord nudge me to pay for an iron that someone behind me was buying.  She hugged the stuffing out of me when she tracked me down in the parking lot.  Some times I get to hear, "the rest of the story" as Paul Harvey says.  They will share about how they didn't know how they were going to make it and then I helped them.  I don't tell you about these times in order to brag or cause you to look at me as special but instead to encourage you to try it.  I promise you can NOT out give God.  I dare you to try.  I will also promise that you will be blessed back in so many ways that you never imagine.  It becomes fun to see the looks on people's faces or to get teary eyed hugs, or even to to steal away anonymously and imagine how blessed they will be.  It doesn't have to be financial blessings.  It can be little notes of encouragement or something you have an abundance of.  It can be cookies, flowers from your garden, or extra soup from dinner, a book you are finished with, or even just an unexpected visit.  Try it!  You might just like it.  I know that I wouldn't live any other way now that I know how fun it is to give.
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Lady of the Woods said...

I will try it. What a beautiful thing. It would make me so happy to give like that! blessings, lady