Autumn is Here

I just love the scents, sounds & colors of autumn. The clean crisp air, the brightly colored leaves & the sounds of the birds flying south. I just love to hear the cawing of the crows as they gather in my trees & the sight of all the pumpkins for sale everywhere. Decorating for this season is always fun & makes my heart happy. There are so many choices & the colors are so warm & cozy yet still exciting. I enjoy gathering dried items from the field & my garden to use in my decorations. There is such an abundance of pretty things to choose from like dried pods, colorful leaves, pine cones, gourds, pumpkins, dried Indian corn, grasses, grains, acorns, & even dried flowers.

Its time to burn pumpkin spice candles

The colors of fall are so warm yet exciting

I love to decorate with gourds, leaves, dried corn & things I gather from the fields.

Pumpkin spice potpourri, raffia, dried wheat & my field gatherings

Floral arrangements with sunflowers & fall colored fruits

Its time for hot apple cider, thick hearty soups, homemade bread, toasting marshmallows, & sitting by the crackling fire on cool crisp evenings. One of my favorite things is sitting by a warm toasty fire & spending time with the Lord & having the beautiful items of fall all around makes it even more special. Harvest time is always a time of joy & celebration as well as preparation for the rest ahead when nature sleeps for the winter. What a wonderful world God has created.
Until Next Time
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Susan (Moonlight and Magnolias on RMS) said...

Your fall decor is gorgeous...I need to get some pumking spice candles...except it will probably make me want to eat pumpkin pie!
:-) LOL Thanks for sharing all the lovely fall color. Susan

Meaghan said...

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