At The Vineyard

Did you know that Texas has a growing population of vineyards?  Did you know that Texas wines are winning prizes for their wonderful wines?  
Texas Generations Vineyard in Seymour, Texas

I finally got around to visiting our local Seymour, Texas vineyard.  I don't know why it took us so long to do it.  It has been on my list of things to do for a while now and time just seems to pass quickly.  Some friends of ours own it so we should never have waited so long

Vineyard in Seymour Texas 2

It was a very hot Texas Saturday morning as we pulled into the drive.  We have been having one of the worst droughts in history of Texas so I wasn't sure what we would find.

Vineyard in Seymour Texas 3

We were greeted by the vineyard security detail.  He and I quickly became friends.

Vineyard in Seymour Texas 4

One of the owners', Pattie,  took me on a tour of their little vineyard and it was beautiful.  They have only been growing grapes since 2005.

Vineyard in Seymour Texas 5

I was amazed by the tour.  The vines and the grapes are so beautiful.  They seemed even more special because of the drought we have been suffering.

Vineyard in Seymour Texas 6

The vines were heavy with beautiful bunches of grapes.  It would not be much longer before harvest time.

Vineyard in Seymour Texas 7

Pattie,  told me that they grow several varieties.  Aren't they just gorgeous?

Vineyard in Seymour Texas 8

After the grapes are harvested they are shipped off to be made into wine.

Seymour Texas Generations Vineyard 9

I'm not a drinker but I have to confess that I wouldn't mind having a little taste of their wine just because it comes from this beloved land.

Seymour Texas Generations Vineyard 10

I will definitely return to see the vineyard again.  I enjoyed this visit so much that I look forward to going again sometime.

Seymour Texas Generations Vineyard 11

I can see how much love, work, care and prayer has gone into this vineyard by the owners.

Seymour Texas Generations Vineyard 12

Pattie told me they have learned so very much since starting in this business.

Seymour Texas Generations Vineyard 13

I can't help but think that if it looks this beautiful during such a terrible drought and time of heat, how beautiful it must be on a more normal year.

Seymour Texas Generations Vineyard 14

I pray for that normal year to come soon and for that drought to end.  I also have added that little vineyard and it's owners to my prayer list.

Seymour Texas Generations Vineyard 15

I am praying that God will prosper them and prosper this beautiful little town.

Generations Vineyard in Seymour Texas 16

It is a great place to live and the people are pretty wonderful too.

Seymour Texas Generations Vineyard 17

Kind of like the grapes, they come in all colors and kinds but they are all in all a pretty good bunch.

Generations Vineyard Seymour, Texas 18

 This is their harvester.  They bought it second hand and it is definitely a beloved piece of machinery for them.  Pattie told me that her hubby is always tinkering with it and that he can fix just about anything. 

Generations Vineyard Seymour Texas 19
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Pattie showed me a bit of her garden as well.  She has worked hard to make this place into the beauty you see.

Generations Vineyard Seymour Texas 19

If you are in the area, I would definitely encourage you to stop by and see their beautiful place.  It is such a peaceful place to find respite.

Generations Vineyard Seymour, Texas 20

Like me, Pattie is a kitty lover.  She has even more than I do. lol.  In fact my beloved, Mr. Buttons came from Pattie.  He is quite spoiled.  We are wondering if  this  little kitten may be from his line.

Generations Vineyard Seymour Texas 21

As beautiful as the vineyard was, I must confess that I was glad to escape the heat and reach the shade of the porch.  It was quite hot that day at 100+ degrees.   I could have stayed out there for hours in the shade and peace we found on her porch though.  Hopefully next time I visit it won't be quite so very hot.  I wonder what the vineyard looks like in Autumn.  Maybe it is time for another visit soon.
Until Next Time
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Revelation said...

I have always wanted to go and I haven't taken the time. Maybe we could double date to the vineyard sometime :)

P.S. Thoroughly enjoyed the virtual tour. Thank you!!!

Michelle said...

What a lovely outing you had and I'm certain the aroma of the grapes and earth were intoxicating.

Anonymous said...

...oh sweet deb...i needed this encouragement this morn for certain...thank you soooo ... if you listen very closely, you can hear the vines just beginning to sleep...kinda like hearly a baby in first moments of slumber...soon they will be fully asleep and pray with us they are dreaming about our sweet Jesus and His abundance...oh i need to remember this with all my heart...we are so grateful you guys honored us with your visit...look forward to another visit soon...much love and best blessings...pattie and larry, too...as well as emilie, sue, rattler, barnabas and the 30 cats...isaiah 27:2-3...in that day...sing about a fruitful vineyard...i the Lord, watch over it ...I water it continually...i guard it day and night ...

Debra Howard said...

Pattie, it was our pleasure. Your vineyard and your home are lovely and we loved it there. Thank you for being such awesome hosts.

Debra Howard said...

Oh yes it was Michelle! I enjoyed it so very much.

Debra Howard said...

I would love to do that sometime. You just name the time and it is a date.