The Animals of Africa 1

I was going through my files and realized that I had not shared my pictures from Africa of the animals.  It just wouldn't be Africa without the animals would it?  I enjoyed just about everything about Africa especially the animals. As I have told you before Namibia reminded me a lot of Texas only the animals were very different.   Most of these pictures were taken in Etosha National Park in Namibia Africa.  I highly recommend that if you are in Namibia that you be sure to add Etosha to your travel plans if possible.  It is a huge protected park that includes many different types of land and water areas.  It is beautiful.  Because my post is a bit image heavy, I am going to let most of the pictures speak for themselves.  As they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words.

Nests created by weaver birds in Johannesburg South Africa
Nest created by weaver birds in Etosha National park Namibia
Just to give you a bit of perspective of how large this nest is.
Lesser masked weaver bird
Not sure what kind of birds they are but I thought they were pretty
Taken in Northern Namibia near Outapi.  The people there are herdsmen and their wealth is in their herds of cattle and goats.  
Kori Bustard Riesenstrappe
Steenbok Steinbock
Not sure what kind of birds enjoying the water.
We watched 100's of animals come to this waterhole in just a short time.  The animals must have water at least twice a day.  This is a very dangerous time for them because a predator may be lurking unseen.
I was amazed at the many varieties of birds

Gemsbok Gemsbock Oryx

Helmeted guinea fowl
It was amazing to watch the large herds come for a drink.  first you would see one then single file they would come until there were hundreds.

Their most vulnerable moments

The kudu look friendly, I wonder if they really are.
That is elephant dung he is sniffing or eating
They are so graceful

We saw several vehicles like this.  Great for photos but it was a bit warm that day in the high 90 degrees.  I really enjoyed our air conditioned van.  We could throw the large side door open and get great pictures.
I took this one through glass windows, everyone felt that might be better.  Cheetah on the prowl.
Burchells Zebra, they were one of my favorites.

Can you see the zebra.  Amazing how the animals would disappear into what did not seem to be heavy bush.  You never know what is lurking very close to you even when the brush was burned.  Imagine how hard it would be to see them in heavy bush
Our first elephant.  He was light colored because he had been rolling around in the white soil of the pan nearby.
See how easy the animals hide?  My pictures make it easy to spot them but while driving it took the  eagle eyes of our fearless leader to spot most of them.  Fearless because this guy would eat anything even random fruits and nuts off trees.  I am so glad none of them killed him. lol
Not so hidden close up.
Be sure to check back again for my next post.  We saw many more animals.  Just too many to put into one post.  I hope you are enjoying the tour so far.  You can find more information about Etosha National Park by clicking and following the link.  You can also contact the very best guide around at Affinity Africa.  They are wonderful.  They took care of every detail of our trip for us and they have tons of experience and know so much information about the land, the people, and the animals.  They are still working on their website (too busy doing trips) but you can get their contact information at the link until the site is up.
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