Remember Our Drought

Remember when I wrote about our heat and drought last year and all the decimation that our gardens took?  Believe it or not it has continued this year.  We have received some nice rains but it has not been nearly enough to repair the damage done last year.  To make matters worse we have had many days of weather much over 100 degrees.  We have had weather the past two summers that is more like Arizona desert rather than Texas.  Our soil has turned to dust.  It is causing our homes to shift and trees to shift because the ground has become a bit unstable because of the lack of moisture.  Our  aquifers are depleted and our drinking water is quickly running out in many cities.  Many cities are under water ration restrictions.  Our beloved city has been under water restrictions since last year and the situation has progressed to such a severe state that it is now a violation to water outside at all.  This has caused a death blow to many trees.  Losing our lawns, flowers, and bushes have been difficult the past couple years but now the trees.  It is so hard to see our trees that can not be replaced in a lifetime dying all around our city.  Many have been very creative in trying to water by hooking hoses to the drain of their washers and watering with the used gray water...Some have buckets in their showers to catch some of the extra...some have buckets in their kitchens to dump drink leftovers and rinse water into.  Despite these efforts...the heat has been so extreme that our vegetation is simply burning up.  I have lost most of my fruit orchard, several trees, many bushes, many flowers, some of my grass (thankfully bermuda is hard to kill).  The wild animals have suffered too.  With the ground waters (lakes, creeks, rivers, ponds) drying up it means many dead animals.  It is serious here in Texas and in Oklahoma too.  Ranchers are selling off their livestock because they have nothing to feed or water with.  This is going to have a negative impact on all of the country because after the livestock is depleted so much the price of  meat will skyrocket even more.  There is a photographer who lives very near here and he has many photos of the devastation of our land and animals. If you have a facebook account you might hop on over and take a look at Wyman Meinzer's Photos (he is always willing to add a new friend)...it is so heartbreaking because our land is usually so beautiful and our wildlife so plentiful.  You will see many beautiful pictures in his albums of Texas from better days but you will also see many pictures of the devastation.  Please say a little prayer for our land to be healed we need it so very much.
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