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Do you ever have times when you don't have much to say?  Not because there isn't much going on but in fact it is the opposite. 

That is true of me right now.  I am taking a class right now that has my thoughts whirling.

It is Kelly Rae's class called Flying Lessons.  It is the last time she is going to offer it so I decided now or never.  Her class has impacted me deeply.

It has helped me to see some of the things I do that keep me flying just under the radar and some of the reasons why I do that.

It has me looking hard at all my blogs and I foresee big change coming very soon.  

I do not know what those changes will be exactly because there is just too much whirling inside of me at the moment, but I know it will be soon.

It is time for me to examine those thoughts and determine which are ones I should follow and which need to be put to rest forever.

I have made it a way of life to teach others to follow the longings of their heart...you know those ones that don't go away.  They just come back around no matter what you do.

Those dreams and longings that God put there as a little bread crumb trail that leads you to your destiny.

I have been great at encouraging others to follow after those but not so go at doing it myself.

I am realizing how I have done little things that have kept those dreams from becoming all that is possible for me.

Needless to say, this has my thoughts and emotions stirred up in some of the deep places of my heart.  Afraid, nervous, excited, overwhelmed, intimidated, delighted, hopeful, those are all words inside me right now. Should I, could I, would I?

Especially now that my little chicks have all flown the coop. I think it is finally time for me to do something about it.  Don't you?

There is that old saying that we should practice what we preach.

I know that some of my decisions may cause things and even people to move away from me but I just cannot let that stop me anymore.  It is time for this little birdie to take flight.

I am determined to move towards that destiny that God has for me despite the costs.  It is time.  I am laughing now because I realize there was more inside me to say than I ever thought at the beginning of this post. 

Until Next Time
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Helena said...

Hi Debbie,
A fellow taking Flight classmate here.
I love this post. what you wrote is very heartfelt and honest and you just can't beat that in this world. I am a fellow gardener as well and I love your beautiful photographs.


Vickie said...

Your garden is beautiful...I too am a fellow flyer working to move forward with my journey to license my art. So much to do and learn...sometimes it is lonely, and not everyone gets on board; however it has been worth all the effort and I am happy to have committed to this journey.

You have created great content on your blogs...enjoyed reading your other blogs also.
Keep going on your journey...God does have a plan.

June Maddox said...

Beautiful photographs. Looks so great! I am right there with you on this post. The pull...will take you where you are going. June Maddox Thanks for sharing.

Susan Michael Barrett said...

I especially like the hummingbird photographs, Debra. Warm wishes, Susan