Do You Ever Have One of Those Days?

Do you ever have one of those days when you really wish you could have just stayed in bed and skipped it...not because you wanted to sleep in but because it was just so painful and awful that you didn't know if you could keep going?  I had that day today.  It started bright and early about 4 a.m.  The details aren't really the point of my post, it is the feelings that come flooding in that I want to talk about.  All those reasons that make us cry.  I am taking a chance by sharing this and my journal page above with all of blogland.  I will be very honest.  I feel very vulnerable and exposed right now for sharing this but somehow I feel the need to do it because I know that beyond this day and beyond those feelings there is something that can get me through and that is hope.  Hope for better days.  Hope that the darkness will change to light.  Hope that things will get better. All of us need hope.  Hope is something I love to share with others.  When I see a face change from hopeless to filled with even the tiniest bit of hope then it really gives me joy.  I don't know why really, I just know that it does.  And today when my own life feels so out of control and painful I still cling to hope.  Hope for a better day...hope for positive change.  I am remembering something a very wise friend told me once, "No matter what circumstance you find yourself in you can be sure of one thing, this too shall pass." ~Karla Paske. That is my word for you today.  If you find yourself in a time of trouble or sadness then remember that it won't go on forever and together lets trudge forward even if it is the tiniest of steps and lets cling to hope.  
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Light Stepping Stones said...

After reading your post, I just want to give you a big blog post HUG. It takes guts to put ourselves out there. I'm sorry you had a bad lingering day. I've been known to use the phrase, "its only temporary" in life. Sometimes, the days seem the same and sometimes that lingering is still there. But knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel and a friend with a listening ear is just what people need. Hang in there girl!