Visiting Greenhouses

One of my favorite things to do is to go to greenhouses where ever I visit somewhere or go on vacatioin...even if it is far away from home...

While I was on vacation in Ruidoso, New Mexico, I visited the Seasons Nursery and Gift Store. It was wonderful and I had a great time.

I love to visit other greenhouses in other places because I can find different plants and different garden products to try that are not offered by the greenhouses nearer to my home.

Some of my very favorite plants and garden products have come from greenhouses that I visited while on vacation.

I also enjoy seeing new ways and new ideas for my own garden beds at home.

and new ideas for my water garden at home.  I like the use of the old wood around the bottom of this water garden.  This would be a great water garden to build on a patio or porch area.

Most greenhouses have more than just plants to offer.  Many have really unique gift items too.  Isn't this upcycled chandelier really cool?  I think it is a great idea for reusing old bottles and I am pretty sure I saw how to color bottles on Pinterest.

 What about this cool flower made out of baling wire?  I think it is very cool.   I think I foresee a couple of garden projects coming soon in my life and garden...

I love some of the decorating ideas that I found at this greenhouse like using mini lights.  I have been thinking of putting some mini lights out in my garden.  I think I will hook them up to some of those remote controlled plugs (you can find them at Christmas) so I can turn them off and on easily whenever I want.

I found other great decorating ideas such as putting a mirror in an unexpected place.  I like to use them out in my garden too.  They are perfect for adding light to a dark spot...especially if they reflect something pretty from another part of your garden or even the bright blue sky.

What garden would be complete without a pretty spot to sit and enjoy a cool drink?  I like to make little groups like this out in my garden, only I use real potted plants instead of silk.  It makes such a pleasant spot to eat my breakfast.  Next time you are out and about on vacation, consider stopping by a greenhouse.
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Kathy B said...

Really like the bottle wind chimes. All of your projects are very inspirational. Stop by to visit sometime your always welcome. http://www.southernmadeintheshade.blogspot.com New Follower in Austin TX.

garden desingers westchester said...

The idea of reusing bottles and hanging them is great. look great here and will try at my home