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As some of you know, I have been sharing a bit about the Ruidoso Car Show in the past couple of weeks but now I would like to share a bit about Ruidoso, New Mexico the city.  We were a bit concerned about the fires that were active and threatening Ruidoso but we decided to take a chance and go anyway.  I am so glad we did.

We checked the Ruidoso Chamber of Commerce site and decided to stay at:
 The Lodge at Sierra Blanca...it was a wonderful place to stay.  The hotel was absolutely beautiful.  The rooms were wonderful and they serve a free breakfast that is one of the best free breakfast bars that I have seen.

The grounds around the hotel were beautiful...everywhere we looked there was something beautiful to see and a beautiful and comfortable place to sit whether inside or outside the hotel.

Beautiful flowers, trees, grass, mountain scenes, and sky.  It was well worth the travel time to visit this beautiful travel destination.

The hotel was located right next to one of the two beautiful golf courses that are located in Ruidoso.  It looked like great fun on this course.

We thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful sitting areas out on the back patio of the hotel.  It allowed a wonderful view of the golfers enjoying their games.

We also enjoyed traveling the back roads of Ruidoso.  I have found that you see some of the most beautiful sites this way.  

 I was delighted to see so many wildflowers despite the heat that had been attacking Ruidoso this summer.  

Although there were a few burned places outside of town, there were still many beautiful sites to be seen all around Ruidoso.  There is just something about beautiful mountain scenes that catch at my heart.

Everytime I came outside I just inhaled that beautiful air and enjoyed the beautiful mountain sites.  

 The downtown area of Ruidoso was a fun way to spend a day or even two if you like to shop.  There were some great shops downtown.  I especially enjoyed the jewelry.  I found some beautiful jewelry at some really great prices.

 We shopped a couple of the days and we also tried out many of the great places to eat.  There were a few restaurants that we missed and if we ever return, I would love to try those out too.

I know you are probably wondering about the racetrack.  We did drive around it...that just isn't my kind of fun...my children tell me that it is great fun though...I know they enjoyed it immensely...so if you like that kind of fun...I know my oldest daughter would highly recommend it.  

I like the quieter more natural side of Ruidoso best.  We were able to take quite a few pictures of the deer and birds around Ruidoso.

I do need to mention that of all the places that we went to eat...Lucy's Mexicali Restaurant and Cantina was our favorite.  We liked it so well that we ate there twice.

 The atmosphere was great, the seating was great...

The service was friendly and efficient...

 The food was...well...you can see my plate...this is what was left after I got full...and oh my was it really good.

 If you are looking for a nice place to spend a few days, then you might consider Ruidoso, New Mexico if you are close.  I think you might enjoy it just as much as we did.

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