Things That Drive Me Nuts

I have a few things that I need to get off my chest.  Things that just drive me completely around the bend and make me see funny...things that drive me nuts.  Do you have things like that?  Things that are just building up inside and getting ready to spill out all over the place?  I do and today is the day to spill it...

One of those things is pretty silly really but it just puts me over the top (LoL).  It is when people use the term "chester drawers" rather than "chest of drawers".  I know it is such a small difference but one makes complete sense and the other one makes me grit my teeth..."Grrrrrrrrrrrr!"  The worst of it is that I keep seeing and hearing it even in blogs. I posted something about it on my Facebook page and apparently it drives quite a few others nuts too.  

There is also that age old one, "libary" rather than "library".  It is almost like I hear fingernails scratching a chalkboard when I hear someone say it like that. (lol).  Are there silly things that get you crazy too?

Things like getting a really sweet comment from someone on your blog but when you hit reply to answer back with a thank you then you find out they are a "no reply blogger."  or "anonymous" Arghhhhhhhh.  That one gets me.  I understand wanting to be safe online, but it isn't too hard for someone to set up an email just for their blog comments if they don't want the world to know their personal one.  If you start getting ugly email then delete works really good for that.  Come on, give me a chance to thank you for your cool idea or sweet compliment.

While I am on the subject of blogs...it really peeves me when people leave comments simply because they are wanting to build their own blog or website rather than connect with me.  You know, those comments that don't even make sense but they have a link to their site that is clear enough.  I blog because I want to connect with others and because I have something to say.  Yes, it would be nice for my blog to grow and even make money but I have decided that it isn't worth it if I have to step on others to make that happen.  I found myself falling into that trap and the trap of feeling like I have to blog every day or every week or something, but all the fun of blogging went out the window and my creativity with it.  I promise that if I leave a comment from now on or write a blog post, then it is because I want to tell you something.  Even if it is only a 1 word comment, then it is from my heart.   

This is your chance to air it out...do you have pet peeves...things that you want to say but you have held back because you don't want to offend...It is OK to speak the truth...just speak it in love.  Using terms like "Just saying" doesn't work for me.  People use that term when they are saying something ugly. Does that really lessen the blow?  Not for me it doesn't.  

It also makes me shake my head when the younger generation feel the need to post everything online (and I mean everything).  I know about a girl who called in sick and then posted that she was in line for an ipad on Facebook.  Her "sick day" wasn't so fun when she got back to work the next day and found out her job was gone. Then those times my under age kids post a picture of themselves having a good time and they wonder how I know they were drinking.  (It could be the beer signs behind them or the other people in the picture drinking that clues me in) bosses and parents are online too.  Get a clue younger generation!  The Internet has made the world much smaller so if you post it then make sure it is something you don't mind "anyone" to read or see.

While I am airing it out, have you noticed how some feel the need to make sure you hear their music even when the windows are up in their car and you are inside your house with the windows and doors closed?  I promise that if I want to hear that music, then I can operate a radio, or even download it off the Internet and listen to it.

And what is the deal with those super stores that build their business on making everything convenient but then when there are 25 people standing in line at 4 checkout stands, they refuse to open another of the 15 check out stands they have?  Ahhhhhhhhh! That one is why I try to avoid those stores if at all possible.

Have you ever been behind someone on the highway who seems to be just floating?  They aren't quite going the speed limit just enough that you finally pass them (they are busy on the phone) and then they finish their call and suddenly speed up and pass you like you were standing still along with a dirty look thrown your way because you were in their way?  What is the deal with that?

Or those drivers who drive in the left lane of the highway exclusively and not because they are going faster.  Who was their driver's ed teacher?  Don't they know that is wrong?  

There are also those speed racers who want to go fast but they put everyone else on the road in danger because of their impatience.  They won't even give you a chance to get out of the way to go around you.  

There are lots of those kinds of little things that can add up and make us crazy.  Things that irritate us or even make us shake our fist at the irony of it.   As I see it we can let them make us crazy, angry,  frustrated and gritting our teeth or we can do like I choose to do.  I just laugh and go on.  Laughter really is good medicine.  It is good for the heart and brain both physically and emotionally.  Try it, let out a big belly laugh. You will feel so much better.  I promise the stress will roll away.  Hopefully, I have made you laugh with all my silly pet peeves. Because in the bigger scheme of life, they really do not matter one bit.

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Kathy B said...

I agree with your pet peeves. You made me laugh but I think letting out steam is a must to relieve stress. LOL Stopping by to say Hi from the blog hop. Come visit sometime, tea is cold and no shoes are required. Kathy B. http://www.southernmadeintheshade.blogspot.com New follower from Austin TX

Elizabeth M said...

New Houston Follower, found you through Hellocotton. Great post! I look forward to reading more. = )