Garden Textures of Ruidoso, New Mexico

Can you imagine a garden like this in your back yard?  The residents of Ruidoso, New Mexico can.  This is a sight that those who live along the Noisy River get to see everyday.

They enjoy beautiful coneflowers...

and beautiful natural rocks along with natural grasses...

It was so beautiful and amazing that I kept wondering if it was really natural or if it was planted by someone...I am sure it was natural but oh how perfectly planted it was.

The wildflowers and grasses and rocks seemed to be perfectly placed.  What a wonder to have such beauty right outside your back door.

I don't think I would change much except maybe to add some pretty sitting areas so that the sights can be enjoyed even more.

There were some gardens in town that had been planted and they were delightful too.  I enjoyed the different textures and flowers and plants they used.

The use of rocks were of course my favorite features...I don't know why I love rocks so much...I have always loved rocks...I am sure I was one of those babies that was always putting rocks in my pockets or anywhere else I could stuff them when my mother was looking away.

I was a bit disappointed that we could not smell the evergreens in the air because it had been so dry...but God was so good!  He brought a really fantastic rain shower that released that longed for fragrance...oh how Heavenly it was.

It filled the air and I think the trees almost smiled at the pure joy of receiving such a refreshing drink.  Oh how our trees are sad here in Texas right now because of the terrible drought that has continued from last year to this...we are forbidden to do any outside watering with city water at all because of the lack of water...so many trees, plants and grass are dying...not to mention the animals and birds...please pray for us to receive rain and restoration...it is so needed here.

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FlowerLady said...

Thank you for this sweet little nature tour. I loved it and can almost feel being there.

Hope more rain comes to the area soon.

Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

Landscape Design Ideas said...

Agree about putting in some sitting areas. There's so much beauty to take in.