What is Etsy?

Learn What Etsy is and how to use it

I know most of you young hipster types know what Etsy is but I keep coming across people who would benefit from Etsy and probably love it but they do not know what Etsy is, or, the first thing about how to use it.  Because of that, I decided that I would write a post about Etsy and how to use it.  This is for all my readers who would like to know but are afraid to ask. If you already know about Etsy and would like to grab the little Icon above for your blog or website then the answer is yes!  Feel free to grab it and use it.

Etsy is kind of like a digital antique/craft mall.   It is a place where you can go shop online for antiques, vintage items, handcrafted items, or products to make handcrafted items with.   Each individual whether shopping or selling must have their own Etsy account in order to use Etsy.  I have found Etsy to be a great place to find that one of a kind gift that is just perfect for that special somebody and all at the touch of a button rather than pounding my poor feet.  It is also a great place to sell your own goods online worldwide.  Every seller has their own storefront/page to sell their items from.  The first thing to do is go to Etsy .  It is located at www.etsy.com/ You should see a page similar to this:

Next click on the gray button with the blue word: Register.  You will see it circled in red in the picture below:

Now you have a choice, if you have a facebook account you can sign up by clicking on the blue button (f sign up using Facebook) which will take you to a form where you will need to log in using facebook.  It may ask you to log in to your facebook account if you are not already logged in.  The other choice is to fill in all the blanks on the form and sign up using your email account.  You will need to create a user name.  This can be anything you want it to be as long as someone else doesn't have it.   If you choose to use the email route be sure to fill in all the blanks and then click the blue register button at the bottom of the page.

Once you are registered it will take you right back to the first page only this time you will be logged in.  When you come back at other times you may or may not have to log in to your account depending on how your computer and account are set.  You are ready to buy or sell now.  So, let's say you want to shop.  You can do that by typing something in the search box located at the top of the page and it will bring up everything that falls under the item you typed.  You can also browse by clicking on the blue words listed in the left hand column.  You can always find the first page by clicking on the Etsy button (circled in red below)  Above that the little tiny blue words?  See Registry?  That is where you can go to register for wedding gifts.  The Community and Blogs buttons are good places to learn more about Etsy as well as great places to meet other Etsy users.  The Mobile button is where you can download the mobile app for your mobile phone.  Then you can shop ALL the time if you want. lol.

  If you find a particular item or seller that you love, then you can make them a favorite so they are easy to find for future reference.  You make an item a favorite by clicking on the gray heart button up at the top of the page (circled in yellow in top pic above) when you are on the page for the item or you can click  the gray "favorite" button next to the green "add to cart" button on the right side of the item page (circled in red in lower pic) You can favorite the shop by clicking the little "add shop to favorites" located in the right hand column of the item page (circled in blue in lower pic).  You can ask the seller questions or see other conversations with the seller by clicking the gray envelope icon up in the header of the page (circled in black in upper pic).  There is also an icon in the header which you can click to see your own activity on Etsy (circled in blue on upper pic).  The best way to learn about a new website is to explore it by clicking on everything and seeing where it takes you.  I promise you won't accidentally buy something unless you give them credit card info or paypal info.  As long as you don't do that you are OK.  You can even practice putting things in your shopping cart and then if you want to take them out just go to your shopping cart page by clicking on little shopping cart button in the upper right side of the gray header and then click on the little x located to the right of  the item in the upper right side of the gray header.  I promise the Etsy police will not get you for practicing.  They realize that we women(and men) reserve the right to change our mind at any time. Have fun.  Click the things that are clickable and see where it takes you.  You will find more items that the seller is selling, you will find a little bio information about the seller, and you will discover what other buyers are saying about the seller and the item.  When you find an item you want to buy then you click the green button that says add to cart.  This will pull up the shopping cart which will give you a list of all that you are buying and who you are buying from. The seller whose page I snipped for this article is Katerina.  Her shop is called MayaHoney.  Be sure to go check her really cool beads out.  You can click her name or her shop name and the link will take you directly there.

 If you are buying more than one item from more than one seller then unfortunately you will have to fill in the checkout information for each seller separately.  Just choose which method and click the big green button.  It will give you a form where you can fill in your credit card info or Paypal and then you click the green button which will take you to more forms to fill in shipping info and/or instructions and/or the log in to Paypal if you choose that option. You have bought your first item.

If you would like to engage in the more social aspect of Etsy then click on the activity button (it is the gray circle icon in the upper gray header).  This will take you to a page where you can see your own activity on Etsy (such as purchases, things you looked at, etc).  You can click on the "find your friends" tab and you will see something that looks like the page below.  Click on your email icon and then click the blue Find Friends on Email (Gmail in my case)  button and it will pull up all your email contacts who use Etsy.  You can then go through the list and add them to your circles so you can see what they favorite.  Sometimes you can find some really cool items this way.

You can see who is in your circle or see who's circles you are in by clicking on the other two tabs.  You will notice that I have uploaded my picture to my profile.  You can do the same by clicking on the button on the left column that says Profile.  Then you can click on the spot where the picture goes and it will give you the option to find a picture from your computer.  While on the same profile page you can edit your profile by clicking the gray "edit" button on the right side of the page.  These social parts of Etsy are strictly voluntary.  You do not have to do them if you do not want to.

If you are interested in selling on Etsy then I will be writing about how to sell in my next post.
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