Ruidoso, New Mexico Gardens

My dear hubby and I just returned from a little getaway to the mountains.  This time we visited Ruidoso, New Mexico.  Yes, we knew there was a fire threatening the town but we took a chance and we were so glad we did.

I love snapping pictures of the gardens I see when we go places.  Every garden that I saw was  mulched with rock.  There were many plants that are grown here in Texas too.  I noticed that most of the varieties were those that would survive rugged conditions.

Ruidoso gets some very diverse weather during the year.  It tends to be very warm in the summer and very cold in the winter.  It can be very dry at times too.

I have planted torch lily's (Kniphofia uvaria)in my garden several times and each time they have been accidentally pulled up because someone thought they were weeds.  I haven't replanted them yet, but seeing how beautiful they are while in Ruidoso has convinced me that I definitely want some in my garden.

The hummingbirds really seemed to enjoy them. I had a blast trying to capture the little hummers  that were feasting on their nectar.

The torch lilies  look so pretty paired with these daisys.

I am thinking of making a bed out on the back of my property like this one.  I would add some torch lilies too and maybe a few other varieties that would be drought and heat tolerant.

Of course I would add some stones too.  Maybe if I get the design all ready then the weather will cooperate and I can get it planted this fall.  I have found that to be the ideal time to start a new perennial bed since it gives the plants extra months to grow roots.  I wonder if I have some rusty junk laying around that would make some good garden art for this bed...I will have to look and see.
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FlowerLady said...

What a lovely get-away you two had. I love that photo of the hummer with the torch lily.

Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

Landscape Designer said...

Yes, torch lilies are beautiful.

Arena Shawn said...

I love the torch lilies, they are so vivid in color and full of life... Envy you have a green thumb -- I am a flower painter but can absolutely get nothing grow in my back yard, not even cactus... Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden!