Ruidoso New Mexico Car Show 2012

Come along with me and lets see some cool classic cars!

I didn't know this show was going to happen during my visit to Ruidoso, New Mexico, but I am sure glad it did.

I'm not sure why I like classic cars so much, maybe because my dad was a mechanic and I saw him work on many of these cars...

or maybe it is because I liked looking at the J.C. Whitney catalog when I had my work done at his shop...dreaming of restoring a car with my dad.

It could also be because they remind me of good times and people from when I was younger and more carefree.

Each car seems to bring back a different memory or feeling.  This one makes me think of my grandparents.

This one reminds me a little bit of someone who once tangled with a lion.  Sadly, he didn't come out the winner but he did survive.  His pickup was a different color though...

This one reminds me of my childhood home in Wichita, Kansas where I saw a gold car like this that often drove past our house.

 All of them seem to bring up a memory or a feeling.  Do they do the same for you?

Do they make you wonder about the person who restored them?

Or maybe they remind you of a time in your childhood.  I think I had an aunt who drove something similar to this one.

I am pretty sure I had family members who drove something like this one too.

Now, this one...it really inspired me...I loved this one.

Of all the beautiful and cool cars I saw at this show, this is the one that called out to me.

It was a surprise for me because usually I am a red convertible mustang girl.

Who knew I would fall for a Ford Fairlane 500?

I can actually see myself owning and driving something like this one.  Wow!  It still calls out to me.

Isn't this one pretty too?  Sigh...that color, those lines...even those wheels...just perfect.

I can imagine my parents driving around in this one when they dated...I don't know if dad actually owned one like this but I know he had several really cool ones in his lifetime.

Ooooooooo, now this one can make a girl squeal...there is just something about that Tiffany box color that just catches a girl's eye.

She is as pretty inside as much as the outside too.  What a dreamy car!  I think I could drive this one too.

I bet this one would be fun to pack all your friends in and drag Main...did you ever do that as a teenager?  We did.  Those were great times...of course gas was much cheaper then so we could cruise all evening without a thought of how much gas we were using.

Looks like this one has been to the drive in or the local Sonic...what a gorgeous color...and what gorgeous curves she has.

This one makes me think of the beaches in San Diego, California.  I can see some surfers with their surfboard sticking out the back cruising to find some waves or a beach party.

She has such pretty details...remember when white wall tires were the cool look?  Those were the days for sure.

Isn't this one pretty?  I love how the paint job was done.  Very nice.

I know it is probably weird but I am not normally a vette girl.  They always bring negative feelings and I don't have any reason why, but this one is sure pretty.

I think I had a neighbor who drove one similar to this one...it sure is cool...I bet it is really fun to drive.

Here are a couple of other girls who were admiring the cars...they were dressed perfect for a classic car show.

They just don't seem to make muscle cars like they used to.  

I have to wonder about some of the designers these days.  Maybe they should revisit the roots of the car industry a little more.

They might just discover that sometimes you don't need to improve on something that works and looks so well already.

I hope you enjoyed our little tour.  I will be back in a few days  with a few more pics from the car show...and later with a little tour of Ruidoso.
Until Next Time
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Erwin Calverley said...

You are lucky to have seen so many beautiful classic cars! It’s rare to see classic cars in their prime, just like they were made yesterday. And I do agree with you that classic cars like these always bring something to mind. For example, whenever I see one, I wonder what kind of history the car has seen in its lifetime.

Stelle Courney said...

Personally, the turquoise Ford Fairlane 500 stood out among those jaw-dropping vintage cars, Debra. I like its sleek style. Judging by the pictures, you can actually see that these cars are very well taken care of.

Sara Anthony said...

Goodness! You are so right, Stelle! That beautiful turquoise Ford Fairlane 500 is just amazing! I wonder how old it is. The owner of this vintage must’ve loved it since then.Well, even with the other classics, you can really tell that they’re still in great shape after decades!

Carry Demaggio said...

“Or maybe they remind you of a time in your childhood.”---Seeing vintage cars simply reminds me that I’ve grown up. ;) Before, I used to see a lot of these cars on the road, now, it’s as if it’s a privilege on my part if I get to see one. Hehe!