Kittens Everywhere

I know you must be wondering where I have been the past month.  My answer is that I have kittens everywhere.  With the really mild winter my cats decided to start early and so I have had 4 litters of kittens and additional stray kittens brought to me as well.  It has definitely been the year of the kitten.  My poor neighbors have all had stray cats with litters too. (some of them were mine who didn't like Red Dog, our new addition to the family this year.  You can read about him and his hilarious antics at Texas Red Dog Adventures).  My neighbors have decided that I must know everything about cats because I have been on the phone and answering the door, answering questions about many cat problems.  They have all decided that I should write a book about cats.  

I do practice spaying and neutering we just had a couple of surprise litters.  One kitty  we thought was sterile (it is a long story) and another was a wild kitty who had not been seen in months (another long story)  I normally try to keep a couple of cats who can have babies.  I always find good homes for them according to the temperament of the cats and I like to keep around 7 to 10 here on my property.  I know that seems like a lot but we are talking 3+ acres. My cats are treated very well.  I have a heated and fan cooled shed they can sleep in (my neighbors call it the cat house) and I really do love my cats.  This year has been a rough year for my poor cats.  Almost all of them do not like Red Dog and so they have decided to go live with a couple of my neighbors.  I have been a bit heart broken about it  but also didn't have the heart to  take them back since my neighbors have become so attached to them.  My answer to all of this was  "OK, I will let you have my big cats that have adopted you (those two timers!) but the kittens I will raise with Red Dog around and they can be mine" (at least some of them)  This worked great at first because my big mama cats who were two timing me thought it was a great idea to have the kittens in their usual spot back in my shed.  It worked great till the kittens started getting mobile and I would open the shed door to let them play.  The next thing I would know is that the mamas would then snatch up the kittens and haul them over to the neighbors' houses.  One house was an acceptable place but the other was not because the mama kitty wouldn't take them to the house so much as to the creek behind her house down the hill. (Not acceptable because those kittens would be wild)  This would then cause my neighbor ladies and myself to fret and worry and then we would all be at the top of the hill calling to the kittens.  We would be able to see them but not reach them.  After much fretting and calling, and one of us nearly toppling down the hill, we would finally get the kittens back in hand and take them back to my shed.  This has been repeated several times the past month.  In addition, there has been a pretty severe virus that has been going around and causing the kittens to become dehydrated.  We have lost a couple and have another one that may or may not make it. (sadness)

We have had various adventures, mishaps, laughter, and even tears take place this spring with all the excitement of the kittens.  If it wasn't enough having 4 litters of my own, I have had several extras brought to me by people who saved a little kitten and brought them to me to nurse them back to health (Oh my, I think word must have got out all over town or something.)  Honestly, I have lost count of how many kittens have been here at my house from start to finish this spring. Whew, I do know it has been a lot of work added into my usual spring time gardening and home keeping.

Eventually everything will get back to some semblance of normal and I will have a bit more time.  Until then, I bet if you are looking for a kitten or need some tips on kitten care, I bet I could help you out.
Until Next Time

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daisychain said...

My heart is melting more than a little!

Rebecca @ Belle Blog said...

They are so cute... wish we had a kitty again!