The Flock

I thought I would give you a little peek at the flock.  Can you see my pretty rooster?  He is one of 3 that I have and they are all the sweetest roosters  you could ever find.  I went through several aggressive roosters before I finally found these.

I kind of have issues about aggressive roosters.  It all comes from an episode that involves my grandpa's roosters and an outhouse (shudder)  I am bigger now and better able to hold my own but, I still don't like it when a rooster comes flying at my face trying to flog me. 

I have a special place reserved for all the aggressive ones (don't worry)  I send them all to a friend's house.  He is a retired Colonel from the Marines and he is well equipped to keep them in line.  He lives out in the country where he needs more aggressive roosters to help protect his flock.  There are many predators that will sneak up and snatch a bird in broad daylight so, a protective rooster is a good thing for his flock.

If you thought you spied a duck in a few pictures back, then you were right.  He is my lone survivor of 20.  I ordered 20 ducks last spring and they came when the temperatures had reached the 100's already.  It wasn't really because of poor planning because this was early in the Spring and this type of hot weather is not usual.  Despite fans and really trying to save them, the ducks dropped faster than I could even count.  I don't take it well when my critters die, so my poor dear hubby had a crying wife on his hands that week.

The baby chickens fared better and so the duck was raised with the baby chickens.  He adjusted quickly and seems to be quite happy with the flock.  He loves to sit on the eggs so he is actually quite helpful.  Hopefully we will have a new clutch of baby chickens soon because I have a hen sitting right now. (Shhhhhh, don't tell Mr. Duck, because she is in another pen.)  

Soon, it will be time to divide the flock into 3 pens rather than 2.  I try to give them plenty of running around room in the summer.  That helps to keep them from pecking on each other and they just seem to be happier that way.  Happy chickens means more eggs to gather.   Some days, I let them out 1 pen at a time to free range.  They enjoy scratching through my flower beds and finding bugs.

Isn't she pretty?  I like to have all different kinds of chickens in my flock.  My very favorite are called aracaunas/Americanas.  They aren't fancy to look at like this pretty girl, but they lay blue, green, and pink eggs.  I really enjoy the different colors of the eggs and it is fun to see the look on my neighbors faces when I share my eggs with them.  They always declare that it is like getting Easter eggs when they open the carton.

I have plenty of brown and white eggs too.  I try to keep my flock very diverse.  I have all different sizes of eggs too.  I tend to be a collector.  I like a little of each kind (especially if they are gentle, lol) I hope you enjoyed seeing my flock.  Maybe I will have some little babies running around soon.  I sure hope so.
Until Next Time

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FlowerLady said...

Thank you for sharing your flock with us. I think it's so neat that you have a duck among them. That's sweet.

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

Ellen from Georgia said...

I really enjoyed looking at the pictures of the flock. I have a small flock my self one Big Rhodes Island Red Rooster we call him Big Red and he is very protective of the three hens. We also got one duck four weeks ago my grand daughter brought a mallard home from the flea market she named her Pablo. She tries to follow the hens around the yard but they will try and peck her so we keep her separated from the chickens. Ellen from Georgia

Carol said...

The chickens are very pretty. I think it is funny that Mr Duck helps sit on the eggs, but then he grew up with chickens so it probably seems normal to him. We wanted to get some chickens but are not supposed to have them in our area. Might sneak in a couple anyway. Hugs Carol

Angela said...

Debbie, beautiful photos and the chickens are adorable!

Patio Design said...

Those are the most colorful fowls I've ever seen! And they look so earnest pecking around.