School Time in Namibia

I thought you might like a little peek inside an elementary school in Namibia.  I know this isn't the usual tourist stop but these children really did capture my heart.  This little school is only a few years old.  They started with 1st grade and every year they build a new classroom and add a new grade level.  

We stopped by because we brought some soccer balls for the school to use.  We were invited to step into the classrooms and teach a craft (paper airplanes) and tell the children about our long airplane trip to Namibia.  There were some people from China visiting too.  They brought a large globe to show the children where China is.

I have worked with children for many years and I must say that these children were so well behaved.  The classrooms did not break out into chaos as many do here in America.  The children stayed quiet and attentive the entire time we were in class.  

Not once, did anyone have to be called down.  I wonder what their secret is?  I was quite impressed. The children really seemed to enjoy making paper airplanes.  They learned quickly how to do it.  

We taught them a little song too.  They really seemed to enjoy that.  They especially enjoyed laughing at us do the movements.

I'm sure it must have been quite funny to watch the silly Americans dance around to a silly children's song.

We started out in 1st grade

And we worked our way up to 3rd grade.  Next year they will have 4th grade.

My favorite part of the visit was recess of course.  That was my favorite part when I was in school too.  Who could resist those big smiles? You can see a crumpled version (lol) of the paper airplane being displayed too.  That is when we got to give each of the children a sucker that they thoroughly enjoyed.  Oh how I hope I get to go visit again and see those sweet smiles again.
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