The Best Pizza in Texas

If you find yourself somewhere in the hill country of Texas then you might want to make plans to stop in at a great place we found in Fredricksburg, Texas.  It is a restaurant called West End Pizza and their pizza is great.  They serve a brick oven pizza that is so good that I would dare to call it the best in Texas.  This is one of our must do stops every time we come to Fredricksburg.

On beautiful Texas days or evenings (and there are many) you have the option of eating out in the courtyard.  You might even find live music for entertainment.

This is Christa, she is a manager of West End Pizza.  She made our last meal there such a pleasure.  If you see her, you really must ask her to tell you how she ended up in Fredricksburg.  It is quite an amazing story and only serves to reinforce how very great a place it is to be in Fredricksburg.  She says that people from all over the world stop in and agree that they serve great pizza that even rivals that in New York City and Chicago. (you may not know that Fredricksburg is the #2 destination for wine, that is pretty great in my books.)

Isn't this beautiful?  It hung right over our table and I certainly enjoyed it's light.  Don't worry though, you will be comfortable how ever you dress in West End Pizza.  They have an easy going relaxed atmosphere that is certain to please.  It is one of those kinds of places that I begin to relax in as soon as I step through the door and that smell...yum, yum, and yum!

Don't let the empty tables fool you.  We stopped in mid afternoon for our pizza for a late lunch.  Anytime we stop in around meal time we find a busy place filled with people enjoying the great pizza. You will also find some beautiful art by local artists on all the walls and it is all for sale.  I wanted to take a couple of those paintings home with me.  I loved their bright beautiful colors. 

Pizza isn't the only thing on their menu.  I must confess though that the pizza is so great that I haven't even tried the other things on the menu.  I bet they are great too.  I will have to try some of the other things  one of these days.  It will be hard though because that pizza is so great and Pizza is my favorite food.  I promise though, I will try (maybe I can go back on the same day and then try the other things after a meal of pizza first. lol).

Don't forget to stop by West End Pizza if you are anywhere near.  I promise it is worth a drive to get there and you won't be disappointed.
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I do love pizza.