Texas Spring Fling

I thought I would share a little bit of spring with you Texas style.

Texas is one of those places that flings spring out there.  Big bold and brazen.

The colors of spring make their debut in style and finesse.  Almost like God took a paintbrush and applied it in every place just right.

Even the grasses put on their brightest green for the show.  Bringing new meaning to the term splendor in the grass .

Not to be out done, the rocks give their best show  by jutting out in spots just right.  Giving a beautiful texture to the picture that makes one smile.

The streams and rivers do their part too.  Adding a glisten and glitter in just the right amounts.

Spring time in Texas makes one want to shout with joy and maybe even do a little dance too.  It is one of my favorite times because it makes everything seem so fresh and new.  It bursts out just when I begin to wonder if there will ever be color or sunshine again.   It never disappoints.  It is a real Texas Spring Fling.
Until Next Time

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures Debbie. Where is this stream or river at? Is it near town? Andre

Debra Howard said...

Thank you Andre. All the pictures from this post were taken on the Willow Loop near Fredricksburg, Texas. It is a gorgeous drive filled with lots of things to take pictures of.

Carol said...

OOOH! Debbie! You did SUCH a good job on these photos! They are wonderful! The wilddflowers in Texas really are great that's for sure and I have really enjoyed them so much this year! They seem to be fading now and I hate it! I will be back to visit here to get a fix. Hugs Carol