Change Is In The Wind With Pinterest and Google+

Have you noticed all the change that is happening?  Pinterest has set the digital world on its ear with people beginning to take sides on whether it is a good change or not.  I think it is a great thing because I feel that it is a great way to get your work seen by more of the world.  I believe it will become bigger than Facebook because it is image driven.  I also know that for those who do not want their images on Pinterest it is an easy thing to disable the right click on their images.  That is all it takes.  You can find instructions on how to do this all over the net.  To help you out I have found some that should be fairly easy to follow.  There are some here: 

Now you may be saying that this is great except your images are all over Pinterest already.  That is simple too.  Just contact Pinterest and let them know that you do not want your images on Pinterest and they will remove them.  You can even find all images that were pinned from your blog or website listed on Pinterest.  There is a couple of kinks in this part which is  that if before you got the right click disabled someone downloaded it to their own computer and then uploaded it to PinterestWe Heart It or the new Mike Like It as their own.  These will be a little more difficult to track down and get removed until they are found.  Most people when confronted, will remove the images that they used without your permission.  When you find one of your images just click on Report Pin and it will lead you through the steps.

There are also big changes happening on Google with the new Google+.  I know there are many of you out there wondering why you want to change over from your current Google profile to the Google+.   You may be thinking that enough is enough.  How many social media things should you do?  I was thinking the same thing but decided, "hey it is Google so maybe I should at least look at it."  I am so glad I did.  It has given me another way for people to read my blogs and it puts all my posts from all my blogs right there for all my followers to read.  It has also helped many other followers to find me as well as show me some great new blogs that I hadn't come across before.  Google+ also helps pull all your google products together so that they can be integrated easier.  It puts even more Google products at your fingertips and it is all very user friendly.  And you control who sees what by how you post to your circles.  Try it, I think you might like it.  Especially when you figure out how ready and willing others are to follow you.

There are also changes happening with my blogs.  I have several and I am trying to integrate them together more so that they are easy to access for all my readers.  I have been doing some redecorating on all of them to make them be more cohesive.  There will probably be more changes before it is all over.  Please let me know if you think it works or even if you have some suggestions.  I am working on a website to help bring it together.  I know I could just make one big blog and I have considered that but I am not a huge blogger yet and so I have readers who I don't think would make the shift.  I really don't want to lose anyone at this point.  I also hate to pin myself in.  I am a bit of a free spirit who likes to go from here to there quickly and easily and so the different blogs help me do that.  I have been very resistant to even decorating them the same but finally capitulated since it does help them blend better and keep down confusion if one hops over to another through one of my buttons.  I really do mean it when I say that I am interested in hearing your opinion about this.  I am always open to constructive criticism.

There has also been a huge change happen for me with a new camera.  Up until now, I have used a Kodak Easy Share and I loved it.  All my pictures before this post were taken with that camera.   I highly recommend it for those of you looking for a good beginner digital camera.  It was a great point and shoot but also gave me the freedom to change the settings when I wanted.  It was a great camera for me to learn on.  There were also some great lenses and accessories that one could buy for it.  

My "new to me" camera is a Canon eos Rebel XT.  It isn't the latest and greatest out there but so far I am loving it.  I got it at a GREAT price and it is taking pretty great pictures for me.  It is already stretching me and that is what I needed.  All my latest posts have been pictures taken with that camera.  By the way have you checked out the changes that have happened at Picasa?  I have been having a great time playing with all the new toys there too.  I know change can be frustrating sometimes like when Facebook keeps changing things but come on and try it even the new Timeline is pretty great when you get the hang of it.  It makes it easier to find old posts and easier to post only to those people you want to see a post rather than all the people you have as "friends"  
Sometimes it is OK to embrace and even enjoy change.  Try it you might like it.

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Sue at the Little Shack said...

Fabulous pictures, Debbie! We are so far behind you in spring here at the Little Shack. My grass isn't even green yet! It's only just reappeared from under the snow! I'm following this blog and will go and check out your others too! Stop by the Little Shack of you get a chance! I'll put the kettle on!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

What gorgeous pictures, Debbie! Thanks so much for visiting me and my garden today, always love to have visitors, wish it could be in "real" life, but virtual is a fun way to make friends too. xo Lidy

Inspire Me Heather said...

Hi Debbie - great post! I didn't know all that with Pinterest, how very interesting! Your photos are lovely too, glad you found me on Google+ so I could head on over!

Splendid Little Stars said...

gorgeous photos!
This is a post rich with resources. I'm keeping the link open so I can refer to it.
So you are OK with people copying your photos? You do have them stamped with your name. I've thought about making mine not copyable, but have yet to do anything.

NotSoAngryRedHead said...

Loving the bachelor's buttons and larkspur! Soooo pretty!

I also use a Canon Rebel, but mine's a XTi which is slightly newer than yours but still pretty old as far as cameras go. It works.

I don't know what all this outrage over Pinterest is. It's like a link to your post/blog/site that uses an image rather than text, and an image is more likely to attract clicks than text.

My only critique of the blog has to do with the height of banner and the "fuzziness" from compression. I prefer banners to be small enough so they don't take up more than 2/3 of the initial view so that I can see the text of the newest blog post - I think a height of 400px works really well on blogger. I'm using 1280x1024 resolution on my monitor. The fuzziness is either from the image or from what Blogger/browser did to it when it was inserted. If the maximum width is 760px, it's best to make the image width exactly 760px or smaller rather than rely on resizing - this will prevent some fuzziness. And text in a JPG can sometimes go goofy which might be another possibility for the fuzziness. I see you have a mint and raspberry theme (cute!), so I could see doing a simple elegant text (potentially subway art) image for the banner using a fun font (or several) and your theme colors. Save it as a PNG and then you won't really have to worry about fuzziness and irritation and stuff like that. I'm saying all this just in case it's helpful!!! If you need/want further clarification or ideas or words and stuff, let me know!