All The Pretty Poppies!

Have you made room in your garden for poppies?  I always do because I think they are so pretty.

They do not have a really long bloom time but they make up for it with their beauty and with their really cool seed pod that can be used in dried arrangements.

Poppies never fail to please.  I am not particular about which poppies I plant.  I like them all. I like the annual as well as the perennial varieties. I am not even particular about which color I plant. 

Their Latin name is papaver for those of you who are hard line gardeners. Yes, I do know the Latin names.  I bet you were wondering because I don't usually tell them.  

Poppies can be the tiniest bit fussy though.  Their seeds must touch the dirt in order to germinate.  They do not reseed well in mulch.  I always try to leave a bed with no mulch just for my poppy seeds. They need a bit of cool weather too.  Many books and seed packets tell you to plant them in the fall time but I am a bit different.  I like to plant them at the same time they would be planted in the natural (late spring).  I figure if it gets the job done right in nature then why not in my garden too.

One of my favorite things about poppies is how the sun shines through their petals.  It makes them shine like jewels in the sun.

California poppies are beautiful aren't they?  I love their delicate fern like greenery and their color.  They are a bit shorter than corn poppies and they tend to grow in a little clump rather than a single stalk like the other annual poppies.  This poppy is an annual except in milder climates where it is a perennial.

Aren't these Iceland poppies gorgeous?

They are so delicate yet they stand up like troopers in the cooler temperatures that can be common in spring.

They are so beautiful that they make it easy to get a great picture of them.

So easy in fact that it was hard to stop taking pictures.

I just kept snapping pictures of them

Who could resist such beauties?

As you can see, I didn't.

Corn poppies are another favorite of mine.  I have always thought they were beautiful.  I remember seeing them grow in a neighbor's garden and wishing for some myself.  That neighbor was such a sweetie because she shared some seeds with me.  She has passed on now but every time I see corn poppies, I think of her.

Flander's poppies always remind me of Memorial day.  The American Legion Auxiliary ladies always gave us little red paper poppies at our school to remind us of those who gave their lives for our country.

There is so much that can be said about poppies. There just isn't room in one post to cover it all.  I guess you know now how very much I enjoy poppies.  Some day, I would love to try growing that precious and rare blue poppy that every gardener dreams of.  I just haven't had the nerve to try it yet.  Maybe one day...
Until Next Time

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Lona said...

They are so beautiful Debra and the pictures are gorgeous. I love poppies too but have no luck at seeding them but I keep trying.Someday my stubbornness may pay off in some blooms. LOL!

Darla said...

Gorgeous!!! I have plenty of the tall red breadseed poppy seed if you are interested, posted a photo today....

Ginny said...

Love the poppies! Here in North Carolina Flanders poppies are planted along the highways as part of the Wildflower program and they're blooming now. Quite a wonderful sight!

cathy@home said...

No I dont have them, but I will next year.

Landscape said...

Those poppies are definitely stunning. Thanks for sharing pics of them. Brings back good memories.