Introducing Red Dog Adventures

Red Dog taking a break from security detail
I would like to introduce one of the newer members of our family.  This is Red Dog.  He came to our family about a year ago.  He has done some very entertaining things in the past year and I considered telling you about them but my dear hubby can tell his story much better.  He has been entertaining friends on facebook with his  hilarious antics for the past year. They have urged him to write a children's book about Red Dog but he decided to start out with a blog and then see how it goes.  He has been working this weekend getting his blog called Texas Red Dog Adventures ready and he now has his very first post up.  I think you will see what I mean about my hubby telling it better when you read about Red Dog.  His stories are quite hilarious and fun to read.  He has even captured the hearts of several children in our Texas town who have brought gifts to Red Dog.  That is a story all by itself.  I hope you will hop over and check out my dear hubbies blog.  You can go by clicking Texas Red Dog Adventures
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