Guess What!

I received some really good news this week.  I am going to be a Grandma! I am so happy about that.  One of my babies is going to have a baby.  She is on top of the world about it.  There are many who would feel like they were old when they first got this kind of news.  Not me!  I have looked forward to this time.  I have even decorated my house for it.  I chose my furniture and flooring so that it would be easy to care for and spills would be easy to wipe up.  I have even chosen my Grandma name.  I think Gigi sounds good and all my children agreed.  I suggested that my dear hubby could be Pipi but he wasn't too keen on that idea.  I guess it would be a bit confusing for the grand babies. (lol.)  He decided he would be called Pops.  Because of the picture above (isn't it gorgeous?), you may get the idea that I am hoping for a girl but don't be fooled.  I think it would look just as beautiful in blue.  I think that whichever we get will be the very best.  I am thinking I need to get into shape so that I can keep up with this little one that is on the way.  Everyone tells me they are the best thing ever!
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congrats and thank you for joining my blog!