Wanna See Something Scary?

As many of you may know we have been having a severe drought here in Texas and to make matters worse we had one of the coldest years last winter that I can remember since I have lived here in Seymour then we had record heat this last summer.  Thankfully, we are getting a bit of moisture now but oh my has my poor garden suffered.  I thought I would show you a few pictures of some of the damage.  Yes, those are weeds you see up there.  They seem to have taken hold everywhere.

This is a shot of one corner in my garden that used to be filled with pineapple mint, hollyhocks, beautiful rose bushes, mums, and several other plants.  There isn't much left except weeds.  In a normal year I would already see the plants coming out and growing but not this year.

The boxwood really took a hard hit.  This one will have to be completely removed.

I am hoping I can cut this back and maybe it will be rejuvenated.

I am hoping the same here.

This red photina died so it will have to be removed.

The same goes for my pine tree.  This one really was upsetting.  You can't believe how much I watered this poor tree.  I would even come out and spray it down really well every day but the heat was just too much.

What I don't understand is why did the weeds do so darn well?

Here are some more weeds that overtook another flower bed.  It is almost overwhelming when I walk around my yard.  I don't know if I look forward to spring or not at this point because of the sheer volume of work ahead of me.  I know Spring fever will eventually kick in and it will not seem so much.  

There are weeds even in my rocks.  Oh my!  Will I ever get it all back into shape?  I don't even want to think of all the money lost when all those plants, trees, and bushes died.  I don't even have the heart to go down to my orchard yet.  I am hoping and praying for a very mild and wet summer.  
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Kristin_Texas said...

I know what you mean about the drought. With spring coming, I can't help but think... "Why bother?" Usually, the heat (and/or lack of rain) just kills everything anyway. So sad.

I hope the bluebonnets will bloom this year, because they sure didn't last spring. I miss them.


Lona said...

Oh my Debbie it did take a toll on your garden. I know it must be hard to lose so many plants in your garden.I hope you keep getting some rain to get your water levels back up.Weeds just keep growing don't they. They doesn't seem fair at all when your flowers have died.

Beth said...

I am sorry about your drought! My daughter lives in Houston and she says it is also dry there. It's discouraging to lose plants, especially trees! I came to your blog because of the name. Mine is Beyond the Garden Gate - very similiar.
Have a nice wknd!

Landscape Design said...

Praying that you have sufficient rain this season and that you be granted the strength and motivation to coaxed your garden back to life.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Sorry to hear of your weather troubles. Sometimes its like nature is conspiring against us gardeners :) I would cut everything back and clean it up you will probably be okay. Sometimes stuff looks dead but is fine. Your Boxwood doesn't look good but can fill in. Anything that is that real dry pale color will need to be cut off.

Chris said...

Hi Debbie, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

Diana said...

Oh boy! The pictures are kinda sad to look at. But do not quit. You have other time to plant new ones.


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Debra Howard said...

Thank you so much for stopping by. I am always happy to gain new bloggy friends.

Dann said...

you're welcome, Debbie... I'm happy to gain new friends too.. nice to know you.. :D