Sweet Little Things

I have determined that I want to celebrate the little things as well as the large.  If we don't pay close enough attention, then it is very easy to miss some of our blessings.  So many of us are so very blessed with sweet little things all around us and yet we don't notice them and so we may be tempted to think we aren't blessed.  If we count all the sweet little things then I believe we might just change our minds.  As a man thinks in his heart so is he (Proverbs 27:3).  I have decided that I am blessed and I thought I would share a couple of sweet little things that I was blessed with in my stocking this year. This is a little booklet of  Paris Sticky notes and I think it is a very sweet little thing.

My favorite part is that there are several styles and 2 different sizes.  Isn't that sweet?  I really like the illustrations and the colors.  These notes are so sweet that they are almost too sweet to use.  Just almost though!  Won't they be a sweet blessing when I want to mark a place or write a little note somewhere?

Have you noticed that there are owls everywhere?  Me too!  It brings back memories of my childhood when I see them. Can you guess what this little guy holds?  It is so sweet just by itself but there is more...

It is strawberry lip balm in a little owl container.  Isn't it sweet?  What a blessing!

Best of all, I actually like the lip balm.  Don't you agree these are sweet little things?  I hope you will look around and find the sweet little things around you that are blessings.  I promise if you look really hard then you will see them and we can celebrate the sweet little things together.
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