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Do you collect anything?  I do.  I don't really plan on collecting anything.  It just seems to happen somehow.  It usually starts out with some pretty thing that I find somewhere and I enjoy it so very much that before I know It I have 3 or 4 and after you have that many it turns into a collection.  I have several collections  that grew so large that I learned to be very choosy about anything I purchased.  It seems that when you start a collection that soon your friends and family notice and they add to it.  I have a collection of vintage purses and my dear sweet mother added to it this year.  Here are two of those additions that I thought I would share with you.  

Aren't they pretty?  I thought the beading and the colors were beautiful.  I must find a place of honor for both of these additions.  This collection seems to be sprinkled through out my house rather than gathered all in one spot.

Don't let the picture fool you.  This little purse is a little coin purse.  What a beauty she is.  I like the side with the bright pink flower and the flip side that is just tiny silver beads.

I can just imagine the lady who first used this little jewel...I wonder if she had a beautiful purse to put this little coin purse into?  Was this her everyday purse or maybe it was only for special occasions?  I wonder if she enjoyed it as much as I do?  That is part of the allure of collecting vintage items for me.  Wondering about the people who first owned it.  It is kind of like a little connection to generations in the past.  I think it helps me to stay more grounded because I tend to be a person who is pretty goal oriented.  I can get so caught up in reaching my goals that I find myself frustrated and upset when it doesn't work out the way I planned.  I hate to think of all the times I have become frustrated at my family or my friends because they needed me and helping them prevented me from getting to my goal that day (I did help them but probably with a bad attitude).  If only I had seen that what was truly important wasn't the goal but it was that person.  Thankfully, I have friends and family who are very loving and forgiving of me despite my shortfalls.   Is there a part of time that you tend to lean towards?  It is easy to do for various reasons.  No matter what way you tend to lean it is important to remember that we need all three (Preaching to myself here).  We need to set goals and have a vision for where we are headed.  We need to have our feet planted firmly in the now and realize that life is not so much a destination as it is a journey.  We also need to look back at history and learn from it.  That is something I am trying to work on.  Living today with the hope of tomorrow and the lessons of yesterday.  I hope you have a wonderful week.
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Hayley said...

LOVE the purses! What a fun collection! :)