Textures of Namibia

I thought I would share a closeup view of Namibia with you.
I am not certain what kind of tree this was but it was interesting.
This is what was left of a tree we found at a Namibian rest stop which consisted of a cement table and a trash can.
I know, another tree, but I really liked it.
I was told that this tree is well over 1000 years old.  Pretty awesome I thought.
This is a weaver bird nest in what I believe is an acacia tree.
a little butterfly that landed on a dry piece of grass.
My first feather in Africa.
These were the only wildflowers that I remember seeing bloom even though it was springtime.  This was a great surprise to me that there were not more.
 Palm Tree with a thatched roof in the background.  The local people  make money by carving on these little nuts from the palm tree and selling them to the tourists.  
another palm tree
Some of the wares available at the market
We saw a lot of razor wire around the houses and compounds.
Thatched roofs were a common site in Namibia
This was one of the windows in our hotel room.  We could see just a bit of a beautiful bougainvillea when we peaked out.

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jone said...

I like the dates hanging from boughs.

cathy@home said...

Lovely looking dates and that tree must have seen a thing or two.

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I wasn't aware of the rich flora of Namibia.Its pretty awesome.I hope the authorities make efforts to preserve and maintain them and plant new trees.

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