A Day in Namibia Africa

I woke to the sound of birds singing birdsong that I did not recognize, but it was very tropical sounding and beautiful.  Then I remembered that I was in Namibia, Africa!  

I rushed to get dressed, hoping that I might have a bit of quiet time and a bit of time to take a few pictures that were not from the inside of a moving van.
The birds were different, the sounds were different, the smells, the buildings, the plants and trees were different.  Even the leaves on the trees were different.  If  you look at the picture below you will see they look like angel wings.  These were mopane trees.
The staff threw out seed for the birds and this attracted many.  I was having a great time trying to capture them with my camera. 
This is the building where we ate a dinner of grilled oryx and African pumpkin the night before.  The food was delicious.
This is where several men had gathered around a fire the night before to visit. 
I saw many different plants but there were many that are grown in Texas too such as the fountain grass above. 
This was the little cabin where we slept the night before.
The staff were amazing.  They helped us with our bags and were ready to help us even in the night.  We were told not to go out alone at night because there was a possibility of dangerous animals around.  That was great advice except that I somehow ended up with someone else's suitcase (I don't wear men's underwear) so I decided that I would have to brave it anyway.  Thankfully there was a staff member ready to help me. 
Breakfast was pretty good too.  We were served eggs, sausage, yogurt, breads, cereal, coffee, a mixed juice, and an African favorite called roobios tea (and no we did not drink the water).  It was much like the meals we eat in Texas for breakfast but with a few differences.  It is funny how we were in such a different place with so many different things and yet there were so many things that were similar.  What an exciting place we found ourselves in. 

We would get into our van that day and embark on a great journey that would take us to many beautiful parts and many beautiful people in a very beautiful country.  I was looking forward to the adventure ahead of us.

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