Namibia, Africa

We had finally arrived in Namibia, Africa.  It had been a very long trip but we were finally there!  It felt almost surreal as we got into a van to drive to our next stop.  I was reminded that it was a different country when we had to go to the opposite side of the van to get in and we then drove on the left side of the road.  I was surprised by the landscape around me because it looked a lot like Texas, my beautiful home state.  It seemed so familiar but so different at the same time...

 One of those differences appeared by the side of the road.  It was a small herd of Giraffes.  They were beautiful.

We stopped by the side of the road to admire them.  I loved how graceful they were.  I loved how easily they hid in the bush.  I loved how shy they seemed to be.  I especially loved that I was in Namibia a beautiful country.

I fell in love that day...in love with a country...I would fall in love even more when I met the people...I won't pretend that everything was perfect there, but it was beautiful and it was amazing, and it was a place I hope to visit again.
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