It's a Great Day

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I am still not certain when it happened exactly...but I have noticed that I don't remember things lately.  I had heard that it would happen.  I guess, I just didn't really think it would really happen to me.  Have you felt that way?  It seems that I have felt that way in several circumstances especially since I turned 40 a few years ago...actually 8 years ago for me...8 years today (please God let me be right about that). Yes, it is my birthday today.  No, I am not bummed out.  I actually like my birthday.  I really do (especially the presents!).  I don't like to count them though (the birthday's) but not for the usual reasons.  I don't like to do math very much and I stopped keeping track mostly because when people would ask me (years ago) how old I was, then, I would tell them some random number that was older than the truth.   I figured out that people would tell me how great I looked for my age if they thought I was older(what can I say? I liked compliments).  It wasn't the number that bothered me it was how I wore it.  This started happening when I was in my 20's so before long I lost track.  It worked pretty good for me until one day after having a rollover car wreck the officer (who was looking at my license) asked me how old I was.  I took a guess and guess what?  I was a few years younger than my guess.  He looked a bit confused and then asked me if I was sure I was alright.  I replied that yes I was fine because I had only bumped my head a little...that was the wrong answer because next thing I knew I was being driven to the ER.  My dear hubby who worked in that ER as a paramedic at the time would have a good chuckle over that one.  I did decide after that I needed to be truthful.  The only problem with that was that the damage was done.  I had a hard time remembering the right number.  It helps though to have a daughter who loves to do math.  She helps keep me straight and I do believe she said that I am 48 this year (*smiling*).  It is a good time to be 48!
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Hayley said...

Happy Birthday to you!! :)