Have You Ever Wondered?

Do you wonder what makes someone beautiful?

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes someone beautiful?  I must admit that I think about it a lot.  It isn't that I am vain, but instead it is a desire to be beautiful.  I have observed many beautiful people and I have come to the conclusion that it is most important to be beautiful on the inside.  I believe that everyone has the capacity to be beautiful inside and outside.  We just have to learn how to find that beauty and appreciate it.  So much of my life I didn't feel beautiful but usually it was more about what was in my heart that was the problem.  This would lead to not taking good care of myself which would lead to...well, you know.  I have discovered that as I work on the heart issues and get rid of the junk in there, then my outer beauty begins to radiate.  It is amazing how a simple smile or the look of hope can transform someone's face.   God has had me helping others with their heart issues and it has been through helping them that much of my own healing has come.  I find it funny how that works sometimes.  I am also going through a season of spending lots of extra time with the Lord looking into His eyes.  I always thought that would be scary because of what I feared would be reflected in them...but I am finding that instead it has been healing as I see that there is nothing there but love for me.  I really needed to see that in order to find my worth and my beauty.  I have always allowed others to determine that for me and that always led to me feeling rejected or feeling I had to earn everything even friendship.  It is so good to let all of that go and just look into His eyes...those eyes are the ones I want to see myself in.
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