The Days Are Passing By

The days are really passing by lately.  We have finally got a break in the heat at least.  It has been in the heavenly 80's and 90's lately.  The evenings have been downright cold with 60's.  It sounds so funny even as I write it.  It is funny how a summer of averages of 112 and 113 will change your perspective.  I know it has been a while since I posted but I am not going to apologize simply because sometimes life just happens along and I don't have much to say.  My poor garden has suffered this summer.  I have bushes that despite me watering them they are not looking good at all.  I have dead flowers that really need to be pulled out and I probably should be out there cutting back those dead looking boxwood and holly bushes.  Maybe they still have some life in them...it is just such a nice day and I just don't seem to have the want to that I need to get me out there today...I know it will be very busy soon for me but I just feel like enjoying the day with rest.  How long have I looked out the window or passed by the garden on my way to feed my critters and longed for nicer weather so I could work out there without getting heatstroke and yet here I am inside when the weather finally broke...Do you ever do things like that?
Until Next Time
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Linda said...

Oh, this describes me all the time at the moment! Not that I can use the excuse of epic heat - we have had very few days over 70 degrees this summer. But sometimes you just can't keep going all the time. Gardens take a rest, and so should we!

Landbohaven said...

Her har vi haft regn, regn og atter regn i langt de fleste dage i sommer.
De sidste par dage har vi haft fint efterårsvejr. I går havde vi 22 graders varme, næsten sommer.
I dag er her overskyet, så vi får måske en regnbyge.

Grace said...

Oh no, I NEVER do that...LOL. All the time! There are days when the garden calls and you can't resist and other times when no matter how much part of you wants to be out there, the drive, ambition and inspiration are just not there. I totally get it. For me this time of year is a challenge because I don't like dead and/or dying foliage. It depresses me. Hopefully your weather will remain friendly. Your inspiration will return.

Landscaping_Katy said...

Yes, a lot of times I do things like that. But don't worry, you'll get the inspiration and strength to work your landscape again. And the nice weather will hold long enough for you to go out and weave a bit of garden magic :)

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