Moving Out Junk

I know it has been a bit since you heard from me. I promise I am still here.  I have just not had much to say.  I was busy last week opening an antique and junk booth in an antique mall.  My was that a lot of work.  This week I have been busy going through cabinets and closets and such pulling out all the things that I don't use anymore so that I can put them down at our booth.  The time seems right somehow to let go of some old things that I have been hanging on to.  It has been that way also concerning some old ways of thinking and doing.  I just sense it is time to let go of them so that I can step into the new things that God has for me.  I am not certain what those new things are yet but I know it will be good.  In the mean time, I am cleaning and clearing out.  I am also in the middle of ripping down some ugly wallpaper that I have been meaning to change since we got this house 8 years ago.  Sigh...that is such a job sometimes...I wish it would go a bit quicker...or that I could stay on the project better than I have.  It seems just as I get going back on it again that I have something else come up.   Maybe soon I will get it finished (I hope, lol.)  
Until Next Time
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Joan said...

Hi Texasdaisy, I am also having a bit of clear out, must be the time of year. It's a good feeling when it's all done. Keep going, God bless.

p.s I invite you to take a look at my site and I would really welcome a comment if there is anything that interests you. Joan

Kay said...

Wow I remember metal chairs like that. when I was a kid and our family would go to Oklahoma every summer my aunt had a lot of these out in the yard and we'd sit in them at night and watch the fireflies.


Stacey said...

Sounds like a point in time that's exciting to me. :)