Here and There, This and That

Have you ever had one of those spans of time when you have done lots but not much to remark upon?  That has been pretty much my life lately. I have been busy going here and there and doing this and that.  Lots of things and lots of places but not much that is very interesting.  I hope to have some interesting things to tell you about very soon though.  I have been working on getting my gear together for our trip to Outapi Africa.  I have my passport ready and I think I am ready.  I am excited though.  I guess that is all I have to post for now.
Until Next Time

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Kay said...

That's how I feel sometimes. Before Ben died, I used to try to come up with something to write in my daily blog and I'd think how boring I probably was. Then when Ben went into the hospital, I started writing about his journey there. So many people started responding to my blog and telling me how they felt they actually knew me and Ben due to my posts. So do not worry if you think you have nothing to say, because someone somewhere will find whatever you say interesting.