Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park

While we were in the mountains of New Mexico, my dear hubby and I decided to stop and visit the Vietnam War Veteran's Memorial State Park near Eagles Nest, New Mexico.  I had seen the white points of the Memorial many times when we drove past but this day, we decided to visit.

I wasn't really sure what to expect but I began to suspect that it was going to be much better than what I had always imagined it to be when I saw the helicopter plopped down on the edge of a beautiful alpine garden.

The garden was like stepping into respite and peace as we walked under the beautiful aspen trees.

There was a beautiful chapel where one could remember, and pray, and even light a candle for those lost.  It was a very peaceful place.

The buildings where all built in the same style almost like white mountain peeks reaching into the beautiful blue sky.

Along the path there were memorial bricks naming those who lost their lives serving our country in the Vietnam War.

Inside there was an excellent museum that sought to give a snapshot of the impact this war had on so many lives.  The memorial was built by a grieving father who had lost his son in the war.

I grew up in the era that first published the war on television.  Since that time many of us have become hardened and immune to the sight of soldiers and/or people being killed in war because of graphic movies, games, and documentaries.

There are real people out there who fought this war whose lives were changed forever in the effort to preserve our freedom.  There are many who fight for that freedom right now in countries that are far away.  We are so blessed to not have those wars fought on our own soil because they are willing to answer the call and go to those far away countries on our behalf.

There were pictures and records of all those lost in Vietnam on display in the memorial.  It reminded me about the families who were impacted by the loss of loved ones.  How many of you out there know someone lost in this war or another war? How many children grew up without their father?  How many wives became widows?  How many parents lost a child?  There is a very high cost to war.  I am not going to cheapen their sacrifice by saying it was for nothing.  They laid their lives down for another.  That is the greatest act of love and I appreciate it so very much.

Although I don't always agree with the political things that get us into war at times, I do agree that our troops deserve the best.  They serve us, they fight for us, they give up time with their beloved families for us, they die for us when they must.  If you are one of those impacted by this war or any war fought by our troops, or even if you have a loved who has served or is serving; I want to say a heartfelt "Thank You."  If you happen to be in the area of Eagles Nest, New Mexico; I do recommend that you take the time and stop by to see this Memorial and Museum.

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