I'm dreaming of cooler temperatures today...and rain too...trying not to focus on how hot it has been...or on the drought.  I am so thankful for our air conditioner,  cool showers, our ice maker, ice cold drinks, Popsicles,  and  the old timey fan blowing cool air across my face.  What are you dreaming of?  I would love it if you would share your list of things you are thankful for today too.  When we really look we can always find them.
Until Next Time
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Marydon said...

I am grateful for God loving us & keeping us safe foremost. I secondly am grateful that God has held us all together thru thick & thin ... without Him, we are nothing.

Love your share, too.

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Have a beautiful weekend.

parisapartment said...

I'm grateful for my family and that we live in a country that's still beautiful and free!

Suzanne said...

I love your picture -- its is so pretty!