We Ran For the Hills

It has been so very hot here in Texas.  We have had temperatures that have reached 120 degrees and the average has been about 108 degrees (workin' on more than 60 days of it  now).  The long stretch of triple digit days have really been hard on us Texans.  Normally we laugh at the heat, but this year has been a tough one.  My dear hubby and I decided we needed to escape for a bit so we made a run for the hills in New Mexico.

It was quite a long drive for us but it was so worth it.  We arrived in Red River, New Mexico just in time to experience some rain (we hadn't seen rain in months.)  The smell, the sight, the feel of rain was Heavenly.  The temperature was about 62 degrees.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh was all we could say.  

I can not even describe the joy we felt at the sight of the beautiful fluffy clouds we enjoyed while we were there.

It was almost as if the mountains were saying"Welcome!"  

We stayed at the Best Western River's Edge.  That was definitely the right place for us.  The rooms were great and the best part was that we could walk out our door onto a large deck that had tables and chairs where you could enjoy the beautiful mountain views, as well as the little river that runs through the town.

What a joy to wake up to this every morning.  We enjoyed it so very much each morning.  We even ate breakfast (which was free) out on the deck.  We just couldn't seem to get enough of the sights, sounds, and smells that surrounded us in Red River.

We spent one of those glorious mornings riding the ski lift up to the very top of the mountain.

The views were so beautiful and awe inspiring.  The smell of the pine, fir, and spruce trees was so wonderful.  I overheard a teenage girl tell her friend it smelled like Febreze in the air (I thought it was much better than that.  LOL.) 

We had a nice lunch in the little cafe up at the top and enjoyed this site.

This little guy was enjoying the day too.  People were sharing their snacks with him.  He came over to investigate my toes, thinking they might be a snack too.  What fun we had watching his antics.

As we rode the lift back down to the bottom, the sites got even more spectacular.  That is Red River down at the bottom.

Sadly, we only got to stay 4  days in Red River.  We are usually more than ready to get home after that amount of time but this time was different.  We packed our bags, said our goodbyes and headed back to Texas.  We hardly spoke as we drove home (we were both lost in our thoughts of how nice a trip it had been; how perfect the sights, smells, shops, food, and everything was.)  It was still hot in Texas (really hot!)  We hope to return to Red River again soon.  We also hope it rains and cools things off here in Texas soon!
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Great photos. Love the colors.