Lunch With The Girls

Lunch With The Girls

Let's have lunch!  I have decided it is time to get back to my blogs and decided to join you at lunch.  I am feeling much better now and while I have been taking a break from blogging, I have been a very busy girl.  I have been discovering new things to share with all my blogging friends.  I decided to start with Polyvore.  What a fun and very useful place to spend some time!  I have been playing (I mean working) on that site for a little bit now and I am having a blast.  It is a website where you can clip the pictures of products you want to purchase or even that you have already purchased.  It is not only a place to save picture/bookmarks but you can take those pictures and make your very own design collages.  It is so helpful for deciding if things will look good together and for helping you see the total overall look.  It is not only useful for clothes but also for decorating.  Along with my own clipped products I can also explore and save what others on the site are saving as well.   This site has the potential to become a very huge selling place for those selling merchandise on the web.  It could easily expand one's volume to their website by leaps.  I have discovered some great websites simply by following the link where a particular item was clipped from.  I have expanded my "To Buy List" substantially.   I can see how this site can become invaluable for those who want to play (I mean work) at their own design combinations in fashion and/or decorating.  It allows you to put your story board together and makes a list of where the items come from complete with descriptions and prices.  How cool is that?  It also gives you a social profile and you can explore and see the design creations of others on Polyvore as well as make new contacts (I call them friends) to keep updated on their newest creations.  A feature that I especially love allows you to share your creations with others on your blog, facebook, or other social network pages.  Although this website has been in operation for several years, I feel that its potential has still been untapped as a resource for users as well as those in retail.  As a retailer, I would be using this site to put combinations of my products together and then sharing them on every social platform possible.  Every time a product is clipped, used, and shared, that is another possible new customer and the best news it that it is all for FREE!  Why spend millions on advertising when you can get your product seen by millions all over the world for the cost of a bit of time.  I  think all you blogging friends will definitely enjoy this site and will find many positive uses for it that I have not even thought of yet.  I look forward to seeing your creations!

Until Next Time

Josie top

Brown top
£5.99 - temptationgifts.com

White cotton skirt
$56 - topshop.com

Stella McCartney woven sandals
£107 - matchesfashion.com

Kate Spade long bag
$295 - piperlime.gap.com

Kenneth jay lane necklace
$160 - net-a-porter.com

Kenneth Jay Lane red bangle
€187 - pret-a-beaute.com

Kenneth Jay Lane hinged earrings
$100 - net-a-porter.com

Jessica Simpson red straw hat
$38 - nordstrom.com

ASOS red shades
$21 - asos.com

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