Can You Guess Where I Am Going Soon?

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It has been so very hot this summer!  I haven't been very many places this summer because of the heat.  I have been staying home and trying to water my garden and lawn as well as trying to keep my critters cool (my chickens drop like flies in this extreme heat).  I am planning a trip in late October though.  Can you guess where I might be going?  If you guessed Africa then you are right!  I am headed to Outtape, Namibia in Africa for a mission trip.  It will be during their summer.  It has been so very hot here with temperatures of 117 and even higher that I am thinking it may actually be cooler in Africa.  I am also headed to the mountains in New Mexico this weekend for a very short vacation.  Oh how I look forward to those cooler temperatures.  If you are one of those who are getting more than your fair share of rain this summer, please...we could really really use it here in Texas and Oklahoma.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could just send it where it is needed at will?  I have always been a dreamer that way.  If you are wondering where I came up with the above photo then check out Polyvore.
I have been having great fun there.  I share all about it Here.  

I have really really really missed all of you while I have been on my break.  I am so glad to be back...I am hoping my neck and my internet will stay well.  I hope all of you are doing well too and I am looking forward to catching up.
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Susan S. said...

How Cool! I've only gone to Honduras for a mission trip and loved it. I'm hoping one day to make it to Africa. There is a group of my friends that are in Kenya right now and I'm keeping up with them on Facebook! Hope you can keep cool in Africa and I KNOW you'll be blessed.