Please Pray for Texas!

Please Pray for my beloved state of Texas!  There is an uncontrolled wildfire burning near my hometown and many others all across the state!  The winds are howling and the firefighters are growing weary and running out of resources.  Much devastation! 

If you have a Facebook page you can view more stunning pictures of the wildfire near my hometown here!
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Anonymous said...

I live in Colorado City, TX. We had a bad fire very recently, which burned down 13 houses and threatened the town. Just as the fire hit the highway (which would have caused it to cross into town and burn my aunt's house down) the winds died down dramatically. Praying for you!


Linda said...

Having seen a wildfire in Canada a few years back I can appreciate how powerful and frightening they are. I hope the firefighters get it under control soon.

cathy@home said...

Hope you come back soon