Time To Confess

I know I have confessed about things before but I have another confession to make.  I have kind of a bad attitude right now.  The picture above looks like me right now...because I am pouting.  Since my last post I have been having a bit of trouble with my neck...they think it may be a bulging disc...that means I can't go outside to play...something about giving it time to heal they said...all those pretty seed packets and garden gloves...5 great big new pots to get out there and pretty weather too...I try to not let myself get down about most things...I really do think it is better to keep a good attitude but this one got to me a bit...I even let myself get a teeny tiny bit blue.  I have trees just waiting to be planted...they said I could plant 1 a day...that is like telling the rabbit to only take 1 bite of carrot a day...the trees still wait.  I just couldn't trust myself to stop.  It is especially hard on my physical therapy days because I leave feeling so much better that I want to get busy and get something done before it feels bad again.  It is getting very very hard to be a good girl.  But I will try to be a good girl.  Maybe they will let me go out and play soon.  In the mean time I will try not to be a bear.

Until next time
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FlowerLady said...

Oh Gosh, I hope you are feeling much better soon. I'm having lower back problems which is keeping me from doing what all I would like to do in my gardens right now too.

Take it easy when you do get out there so that you don't overdo things and hurt yourself again.


CiNdEe said...

So sorry about your neck. I hope you heal fast! I know how hard it is to look out and see then that you want to do but not be able to. Do follow the doctors orders though!!!!

Darla said...

You will be sorry if you don't let it heal properly....deep breaths!

Grace Peterson said...

I understand your pain and frustration, Debbie. Just take it really easy, okay. We want you well.

Gale said...

Health problems can really put a person out of sorts...I've been recovering from walking pneumonia, and there were times I was just witchy.