Can a Gardener Have Too Many Pots?

I have been wondering...

Can a gardener have too many pots?

I see so many pretty ones that it is really hard to choose.

I can think of so many places where some like these would be just right.

How gorgeous would a nice boxwood topiary look in one of these?

Wouldn't some pretty pink petunias look sweet overflowing  out of these?  I could also tuck in some white periwinkles with hot pink eyes and maybe some ivy  with them too.

 These would make a nice home for some bright red geraniums.  I could add some white plumbago for height and some variegated ivy to trail down the sides and then it would be patriotic.  

I can see some of these made into small water gardens or even used as a fountain.  I can almost hear the splash of water sounds it would make...mmmmm...nice!

My garden wouldn't be complete unless I had at least one pot with a bright yellow esparanza growing out of it.  Oh these blue pots would make a beautiful contrast to the yellow.

My driveway looks great with big terracotta pots filled with orange butterfly weed,  hot pink portulaca, and some orange    purslane and maybe even a few hot pink periwinkles. 

These pots would do perfectly for that job

And while I am looking in that direction, I wonder...if I can talk my dear hubby into a windmill like that out behind the chicken coop?  Wouldn't it look beautiful towering over a nice vegetable patch?  And of course it would need a nice picket fence to keep the bunnies out.

Ooooooooooo these would look lovely with some sedums in them.

I have been thinking of planting a big pot of herbs.  That big one would be perfect.  I could put the little ones around it with even more herbs!

These come in such bright pretty colors.  I think I need one of each color at least.

I am wondering if maybe I have too many choices.  There are so many beautiful pots that it becomes hard to pick.  I guess I will have to let my checkbook tell me which ones and how many...sigh...
"I have an idea," she says suddenly to her hubby," we can go without groceries this month!  We can finally lose that extra weight.  The chickens are laying now and...
Oh...you mean you don't want to eat eggs all month?  Well, that isn't very considerate of you...  after all, can a gardener have too many pots?"

Until Next Time
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Darla said...

There are some really nice containers here...

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

No, I do not think a gardener van have too many. LOL! Wow, there are some beauties there. Of course I always love the blues the best. I have been noticing that this year there are a lot of taller pots offered. I like them but do not think they would fit in in my junking country garden beds.A windmill would look great in your garden. I am and enabler. LOL!

Linda said...

You seem to have a much greater variety of pots than we find in most garden centres here - and brighter colours. I imagine in your strong sunlight these work really well.

keewee said...

Never, never, never. I was looking at pots today, but oh! my they are expensive, so I decided to save my money for plants instead.

Priscilla said...

You made me laugh! What a funny post. No, we can never have too many pots. My little garden started to look eclectic with so many containers. So many choices, so little $! I wish I can have everything for my garden.

Grace Peterson said...

The simple answer, NO. Although some fancy hoity-toity designers would probably say "yes." We won't listen to them though. We'll just dream and and design and think and ponder and then let the checkbook do the talking--killjoy that it is. :)

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

There are so many great choices there! I don't think you can have too many pots either, there is so much that can be done with them. This spring we are on the lookout for some for our front garden.

Susan said...

What fabulous choices! It's no wonder it's so hard to pick just one. I love all the new curves and shapes. Looks like I need to make a visit to my local nursery. And, thanks for all those great plant choices. You given me way to many ideas! :-)

Why I garden... said...

Lovely garden pots of all shapes and sizes. Many of my pots cracked this year from frost so I am in need of purchasing!

Anonymous said...


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The Rustic Victorian said...

Hello, nice to meet you! I came over from June's blog,,,wonderful blog....the pots are wonderful...I love container gardening.
Must go look more here!
Happy planting!


Bonnie said...

Wow that blog was almost as fun as going to the nursery. In fact, it was probably better since I never go look at the pots. I'm too distracted by the flowers. Thanks for the fun. Hope your neck gets better.