What a difference from this time last week!  We have spent most of the winter hearing about how everyone has snow everywhere.  All the time, we were having one of the mildest winters that I can remember in a very long while.  We finally got snow!  

We also got some of the coldest weather I have seen down this way in all the 14 years I have lived in this part of Texas.  These temperatures take me back to the years when I lived in the Panhandle of Texas.  Thanks to the Lord we didn't get wind quite like they have up there.  I am really enjoying the snow despite the cold temperatures.  

I did have quite a day though, before it blew in.  Remember those "sweet" chickens that I posted about last week?  I have been keeping chickens for about 7 years now.  I have had to move them over the years many times.  I have become quite good at chicken chasing and catching.  I have discovered that butterfly nets make really great tools to catch those chickens gently.  I know it must be a funny picture you are imagining.  It gets funnier...

I have this really great area that is part of my aviary.  I call it the hallway.  It really saves my birds when one accidentally gets out of the pen.  It keeps the chasing down to a minimum and I recommend one for anyone keeping birds.  I like to shoo the chickens out into the hallway and then use the gates from the pens to help confine them to a smaller space for catching.  

Everything was going as usual when I finally got around to catching all my youngest chickens.  I got a few new breeds this last year.  They are only about 7 months old so this was a new happening for them as adults.  I have only 3 roosters and all 3 are gentle sweeties so no problems from them (that is usually where the problems will arise).  The problem arose from those really "gentle", "sweet" hens.  (Remember I have been catching chickens for 7 years.)  I have them all cornered and I am gently moving in with my hot pink butterfly net when suddenly one of my white hens flew up right into my face.  

I came out of that battle with a few scratches on my face and blood on my sleeve.  I prevailed though.  I am so thankful that God answered my prayer for help that day!  Those young chickens were scared and wild!  I know it was God helping me because I was catching them with my net and then with one chicken going wild in my hands,  I would pin another with my leg.  I bet it must have been quite a sight!  

They are all moved now to a much better place to be in winter storms.  They are all back to being their sweet gentle selves.  I do have to confess though...I did consider for just a moment how good they would taste in a nice chicken casserole, or soup, or even fried chicken, but I quickly shook it off and remembered..."We don't eat our pets."  

I hope you are having a great winter!  
Until next time
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Sharon Lovejoy said...

Isn't it wonderful to dig into the personal blogs of true gardeners? I LOVE IT...like peeking over the garden gate.

I am happy you're also a no till gardener. We have to remain opinionated!


Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

Grace Peterson said...

What an adventure. I love your hall. It must feel great to have them tucked in where they'll be safe from winter's ravages. Here's praying that you didn't lose any plants.

Darla said...

Oh my, you must be careful...don't those scratches hurt? I love your hall too.....the snow is so pretty and fresh looking...I'm ready for some spring myself.

Linda said...

The butterfly net must be quite a sight. But I can see how it works well. Glad you got your chickens moved to better quarters.

Sunray Gardening said...

Great photos. Love the privacy of your hallway area.
Goldenray Yorkies