Texas Style Light

I thought I would share with you about Texas style light

Candlelight that is...

When we were travelling about one day...

We made a stop at the Circle E Candle Factory in Fredricksburg, Texas.

 It was one of those places I have always wanted to see but never seemed to make time for. I am so glad we finally stopped because it will definitely be a regular stop for me when I come back to town.

I have enjoyed their very fine candles for years.  I find them at several of my favorite shops.

However, it was quite enjoyable to finally see where they originate from.  As soon as we stepped from the car we could smell the most Heavenly of scents.

The store was very beautiful and I kept hoping I would leave the store smelling like the air in the store.  We didn't get to see the process of making the candles but the storekeeper was quite helpful in explaining to us about how Circle E Candles are made.

The plant has about 17 ladies who pour the candles by hand.  3 of those ladies pour the most popular scent every single day.  Can you guess which scent that is?  It is the very scent I ended up buying...and it is wonderful!

Each of the other ladies have 5 scents each and they pour a different scent each day from one of those 5.    

There is a person who takes care of the recipes before the candles are poured.  His job is almost like being a wine master only for candles.  I wonder if they call him the candle master?

There are approximately 23 others who take care of all the other jobs within the plant.

We were quite impressed to hear this information because we see Circle E Candles everywhere! 

They are quite popular because the candles are of such high quality.

Mine have always burned perfectly and the scent has always remained until the very last drop is burned.

Have you guessed which candle I bought yet?

I picked the one in this container...I was torn between two scents but finally settled on this one since Spring time is almost here.  It was a difficult choice because I did not smell a bad scent in the whole store (and I have smelled every single one).  

I finally decided on their best seller:  Bird of Paradise!  The best news is that it is pink (my favorite!).   If you would like to buy Circle E Candles then you can find them Here.  If you are ever in the Fredricksburg, Texas area, it is definitely my recommendation that you take time for the Circle E Candle Factory.
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Chef E said...

I love candles, have lit many in my life time. I have not been there yet, will have to take a road trip with my friend in June when I visit.

The place looks amazing!

Debra Howard said...

It is amazing and it smells soooooooo good!