It's All About The Heart

It is Valentine's Day today which has me thinking about hearts.

 Everywhere I look I seem to be finding hearts.

Some of those hearts are doing the right things but not with the right motives so it causes them to be a bit unclean

Some of those hearts have the appearance of beauty, but if you look closer, they are caught in a web of deception 

Light can be seen through some of those hearts but because of mixture they can release only dark light. 

Some of those hearts are so caught up by people or things they adore that they can not truly fly free as intended.

Then there are those hearts that are dinged up and a bit wounded.  No matter what those hearts are like, I just can not help but love them.  It is because I know... 

That those hearts can be made perfect if they are filled with Love.  It has to be a special kind of love though.  That kind that is more than a feeling, more than an act.  It is the Love that is a person (1John 4:16).  I also know...

That He can bring those hearts together and that when they are "in one accord" then He can do beautiful things through them.
Until Next Time
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