Are you one of those girls who has an inspiration board or a lookbook?
I have several notebooks filled with my favorite tear sheets from magazines.  
But what is a girl to do when she is out and about on the World Wide Web and finds inspiration?

There are several things that can happen...
1.  You can save it to your computer (after getting the proper permission of course) but that takes precious storage space not to mention time to get permission and by then the moment has passed.

2.  You can save it without permission (oh no!)  You all know it happens though and there is still that problem of storing it not to mention organizing it.

3.  You can print off the picture but this comes with the above problems.

4.  You could just add it to your favorites tab but how many of those before you are drowning in tabs?
  Let me suggest another way...  

As I have been out and about the Web,  I have found some places that are perfect for fixing these problems.  They are websites that are devoted to saving our bookmarks.  Each has their pluses and minuses but they are great for saving those spots of inspiration at the touch of a button.  The best news is that they are free!

Each of the sites require a sign up and each have a button that you can easily add to your browser tool bar so that when inspiration is found then it requires only 1 touch to take it to your inspiration page.  Each then gives you a form to organize it with.  When you are ready to find that inspiration or those instructions again then it is easy to find.  Two of the sites I have found, use the images along with tags to file it away.  I really enjoy those the best.  The other one uses tags alone.  I have included my 3 favorite places below.  Come on, come out of the dark side of secretly saving things without asking and try these out.  The bonus is that each takes you back to the place you tagged them from  and you can see where that inspiration came from.  You can also see and even follow what others find inspiring.  This makes it even more beneficial because you can get even more inspiration by seeing what inspires others.  As for those of you whose images and/or posts are being tagged...this is like free press and traffic for your blog or website!  Each bookmark gives a direct link to your site.  I can't tell you how many times I have found wonderful sites because I was so inspired by someone else's bookmark that I wanted to see where the inspiration came from.  Come on the light is a wonderful place to be...you can do it...come on and give it a try.  You will see just how wonderful it can be.

I use all three of the below spots!

 (you may have to ask to be invited on Pinterest, but it is worth it)

Are you beginning to feel the light yet?  Doesn't it feel really good?  Remember light is healing.    Let me know how it goes.  I would love to see what inspires you.  You can find me under Texasdaisey!

Until Next Time
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Kellie Collis said...

Gorgeous pictures! Loving the kid with the bird! Have a wonderful week ahead, Kellie xx