I Think I Will Travel To...Paris!

Have you been stuck at home lately?  Sometimes that happens due to lack of finance, time, or even because of bad weather.  I have found a way to enjoy other places even when that happens.  I decided to use this method to see Paris.


I decided that I would not let the lack of funds, or time, or being iced in stop me.  I traveled by arm chair on the Internet.  It wasn't quite like going in person but it has been very fun.  This kind of trip is greatly enhanced when I burn scented candles  and cook recipes that remind me of the destination.  One can even plan and/or dress as they would on a trip of this type.  Maybe even learn some of the language.  It can be as fun as you want to make it.  Maybe even invite your friends to join you and celebrate the end of the trip with a party.  

It all started for me when I was inspired while reading a blog that I enjoy quite a bit.  This post led me to another blog which then led me to another...and well you can probably see where this is going.  I wrote about the blog that started my armchair travel to this romantic destination here.

I visited great works of art, I saw great architecture, I shopped in wonderful shops, I saw the latest fashions, I found the most delicious food, and new recipes that I want to try.  I met new people and I enjoyed myself so much that I think I will do it again.  I had so much fun that I shared some of those experiences with my girlfriends and we have been inspired to start saving our pennies so that we can take a girlie trip to Paris in person.  Oh how fun it will be.  By that time we should know exactly where we want to stay, and every place we want to experience in person.  We may even have friends to visit.  

I had so much fun that I thought some of you might like to go on a virtual trip to Paris like I did.  Maybe it will inspire you to start a Paris piggy bank too.  I posted some of my very favorite Paris links at the bottom of this post so that you can enjoy the very best of what I found.    Come along with me and let's do Paris!  Bon Voyage!

I hope you enjoyed your arm chair travel!  Were you inspired?  What were your favorite places?  Did they lead you to more places?  I would love to hear about your trip!

Until Next Time
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Draffin Bears said...

Hi Debbie,

Hope that you will get to Paris, it is such a wonderful place. Merci beaucoup for visiting me.

Happy weekend

Sandi said...

I think it should be a tax write off to visit Paris don't you?? LOL After all it is the city of love so that should count for something! ha. I would love to go someday as well!


Greetings from Southern California.

I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You, ~Ron