Have You Ever Noticed?

Have you ever noticed how the wind can blow the snow into drifted lines?  Some of them can be little tiny drifts and others can be bigger than a house.

Have you ever noticed how the snow makes a thick fluffy blanket in some places  and just a light powder sugar dusting in others, and then leave some places untouched?  I wonder if God told it to go here and not there?

Have you ever noticed how the snow will completely encase a large barren bush, making it look like a beautiful work of art?

Have you ever noticed how spooky the wind can sound when a large snowstorm is howling  or how much a warm fire in the fireplace brings reassurance that everything will be alright?  Have you ever noticed the beautiful patterns the snow will make in unexpected places...

or how sometimes the snow will land on each tiny leaf of the trees making the whole world seem like a wonderland?  Have you ever noticed snowflakes frozen to your window almost as if God put them there as a little gift just for you?  He does that, you know.

I know the snow can sometimes be frustrating, depressing, and  really really cold but I hope you will take the time and notice the beautiful blessings that God has put everywhere.
Until Next Time
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1 comment:

Annie Joy said...

Beautiful! It makes me appreciate the snowdrifts outside my window. Thank you for your positive perception of these snowy days! Annie